5 Reasons  BudBlockz Will Pump 10x in 2023

5 Reasons  BudBlockz Will Pump 10x in 2023

The cryptocurrency sector is home to several projects, some established, some just starting, and some the subject of pumping and hype. If recent developments characterized by significant implosion are anything to go by, only established projects and those with unique use cases and utility have what it takes to survive. BudBlockz is the latest kid on the block that has what it takes to succeed, where many have failed by transferring the energy in the cryptocurrency sector into the cannabis industry.

BudBlockz is on the cusp of something big as one of the best utility tokens. Below are reasons  the crypto-cannabis project is destined for greatness and  significant value for investors.

  1. It’s a Crypto-Cannabis Project

BudBlockz offers the best of two worlds, going by its roots in the crypto and cannabis sectors  affirming its long-term prospect. In addition, the project is leveraging blockchain technology to make it easier for people to purchase cannabis securely and transparently.

Consequently, it is well-positioned to benefit from increased cannabis legalization worldwide and consumer adoption of crypto payments.

  1. Cannabis e-commerce Solutions

The creation of e-commerce solutions for the cannabis industry that suffers from a lack of dedicated marketplaces is one frontier that affirms BudBlockz’s growth metrics. Also, as more people resort to crypto payments, BudBlockz native token $BLUNT should elicit strong interest and demand from people looking to purchase medical cannabis and other cannabis products transparently and securely.

  1. Exposure to Non-Fungible Tokens

A diversified and decentralized marketplace for buying, selling, and trading all kinds of cannabis-related NFTs is on its way. The marketplace will offer access to the network’s 10,000 Guruz NFTs. In addition, the NFTs will provide holders with access to exclusive benefits, including fractional ownership of dispensaries and farms.

By buying fractional ownership of farm production facilities and suppliers, Blunt holders should participate in the entire cannabis supply chain and generate significant value. BudBlockz is also poised to elicit strong interest in helping people gain access to investment in the cannabis industry through dispensaries and farms. In a decentralized marketplace, $BLUNT token holders can buy, sell, and trade cannabis-related products. 

  1. DeFi and Passive Income Opportunity

BudBlockz is working on BudSwap, a decentralized exchange platform that will allow $BLUNT token holders to participate in the burgeoning decentralized finance space. The platform will enable people to make and receive cryptocurrency payments seamlessly.

It will also be integrated with the BudBlockz wallet for easy storage and swap of various ERC-20 tokens. Decentralized finance is one of the fastest-growing sectors amid the push to transition from centralized exchanges that are vulnerable to security breaches. By offering a reliable way for people to buy and sell medical cannabis products, BudBlockz stands to see strong demand for the $BLUNT  token in the De-Fi space, which should increase its value significantly.

  1. $BLUNT Token Limited Supply

The total number of BLUNT coins that will ever be in circulation is capped at $420 million. The limited supply is one factor that works in favor of the native token appreciating amid the growing demand. In addition, a significant number of tokens unsold at the pre-sale are poised to be burnt, which is expected to reduce the supply significantly.

As more people participate in the BudBlockz ecosystem to buy and sell medical cannabis products and NFTs, $BLUNT demand and value should skyrocket. And it will result in a significant increase in the native token’s value. 

Bottom line

BudBlockz is a crypto cannabis project  with tremendous opportunities for growth as it moves to revolutionize the multi-billion cannabis sector. Its push to develop a blockchain-powered e-commerce solution for medical cannabis products and focus on NFTs and decentralized finance affirm its growth metrics.

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