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Avalanche Blockchain Faces Outage Amid Inscription Wave: AVA Labs Investigates

The Avalanche blockchain has encountered a disruption due to a “stall in block finalization.” AVA Labs’ co-founder, Kevin Sekniqi, suggested that the problem might stem from a recent surge in inscriptions. Avalanche Hits Snag as Block Finalization Stall Disrupts Service Avalanche (AVAX) is grappling with a service interruption, echoing…

Citi Completes Private Market Tokenization Test Using Avalanche

Citi, in alliance with Wellington Management, Wisdomtree, and ABN AMRO, completed a proof of concept for the tokenization of a private fund on top of the Avalanche blockchain. The test used Spruce, an Avalanche subnet, to tokenize the fund and transact the tokenized assets, which were programmed to “automate…

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