Binance Labs Invests in AlwaysGeeky Games for a F2P Blockchain Game
Binance Labs Invests in AlwaysGeeky Games for a F2P Blockchain Game

The VC branch of the largest crypto exchange Binance has made a strategic investment into yet another blockchain gaming platform.

On March 4th, Binance Labs announced its partnership with Canada-based blockchain gaming platform AlwaysGeeky Games. With the initial investment of $1.1 million, they will seek to continue their partnership long-term in order to bring new players to the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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Currently, the development team has two running projects – Voxies Tactics, which is a blockchain-based P2E game, and Voxies NFTs that can be purchased on the gaming platform’s official website, and used in-game.

With the investment, AlwaysGeeky Games will be upping its development team number and making games accessible on more devices. According to the CFO of AlwaysGeeky Games Ryan Sterling, the development team is eager to create a platform that has constantly-updated games with “the most fun ‘nerdy’ ways to express creativity.” He added:

“We, as a games studio, are building Voxie Tactics to be a live game in that we’ll be continually adding new features. This process allows us to take real time feedback from the community and players so we can build the game together adding in new enhancements as we go.”

The platform’s main game Voxie Tactics has had more than 300K downloads during its demo release, with over 100K matches played in the Open Beta version since its release on February 8th of 2022.

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