US Food Chain Giant Shake Shack Offers Bitcoin Cashback

US Food Chain Giant Shake Shack Offers Bitcoin Cashback

The US food chain giant Shake Shack is reportedly offering its customers BTC as a reward for spending money at their burger chain using Cash App.

  • Shake Shack is an American fast-casual restaurant that’s based in New York City. It has locations in multiple countries and over 6,000 employees.
  • According to a recent report on The Wall Street Journal, the chain has teamed up with Block Inc’s Cash App to offer Bitcoin as a reward for purchases that are made at their burger chain.
  • Supposedly, users will be able to receive 15% of their purchase back in the form of BTC on any Shake Shack purchase that they make with a Cash Card.
  • Cash Card is a debit card that’s available to Cash App users.
  • Users will be able to find the promotion in the Cash App, and it will supposedly be active until mid-March.
  • Per the report, the effort is in a bid to see if the food chain can reach younger customers and see if they are interested in other cryptocurrency options.
  • Speaking on the matter was Jay Livingston – Chief Marketing Officer of the burger chain, who said:

You’re always trying to place your bets on those things that truly will be meaningful and not waste resources on the ones that won’t.

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Written by: George Georgiev


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