Why Metamask will Collect Our IP and ETH Address?

Why Metamask will Collect Our IP and ETH Address?

metamask collect ip and eth address

This is the second warning we have received from Metamask. First it was to prohibit Venezuelan users from using the wallet due to U.S. government sanctions.

But this one really is the worst of all. In the latest update the “terms and conditions” of metamask, Consensys has just hit the nail on the head. They are going to start collecting the IP address and ethereum of each of their users. In this article, you will learn more details about this decision and how you can avoid this.

The Latest Metamask Privacy Policy

In Consensys’s privacy policy, they literally mention all the information that they collect from its users:

  • Identity name: First name, last name, username, date of birth, and gender.
  • Contact info: Postal address, email address, telephone number.
  • Profile info: username, password, interest, preferences, etc.
  • Financial info: credit card and other related payment card details, among many others.

Also, they mention that Infura is the company that collect all this information and share it with metamask and only god knows who else, apart from the goverment. However, there is an excepcion.

In case you have your own ethereum node or a third party RPC (Remote Procedure Call) provider, nobody will collect your IP or ETH address. Moreover, Consensys also tell us that they collect more info from us via third party companies like for example:

  • Registration info (Using a Sign-on account)
  • Log data (IP address, device and browse type, operation system, etc)
Two Ways to Avoid Your Data Be Tracked by Metamask

But it’s not all bad news. There are two ways you can avoid this:

 1) Change the RPC Provider via Alchemy:

Alchemy is a web3 developer hub that let you add external RPC Endpoints to metamask. Here is a video and guide about it:

Here is another guide on how to change your RPC provider on metamask.

2) Change Wallets:

In case you found the previous step too difficult, you can change to other wallets. Nowadays, there are many good wallets that you can migrate. We wrote an article about this topic some days ago.

But, Why Metamask is Collecting Our Data? 

The company behind metamask is Consensys, which is a Ethereum blockchain infrastructure company that has 4 crypto related startups:

  • Infura: The company that gather our metamask info.
  • Quorum: An open-source web3 B2B platform.
  • Truffle: A smart contract suite tool, among others.

On the other hand, Joseph Lubin, the Founder of Consensys is also a Co-Founder of Ethereum.

This shows that consensys is a company that is in a privileged position in the industry, which is starting to implement the kind of privacy policies that a typical web2 company follows.

All of this gives us a very clear sign that there will likely be many more crypto companies that will end up doing the same thing thanks to the impending regulation that will now be more intense thanks to FTX and company.

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