ADA Price To $3 Imminent! Are Whales Secretly Accumulating Cardano Over Other Layer-1’s

ADA Price To  Imminent! Are Whales Secretly Accumulating Cardano Over Other Layer-1’s

  The crypto town has been skittish to a greater extent and has left folks from town in turmoil. Who are in a dilemma over their plan of action, amidst the volatility and swings in the business? Whilst a number of digital assets are trading at a discount, a number of investors are mimicking the tactics of whales. 


Successively, the business is witnessing a spike in Cardano‘s whale accumulations, amidst the market-wide turbulence. The Cardano network whilst continuing to outshine a number of metrics. Sees DEX turning as one of its biggest strengths. Wherefore folks are now optimistic about ADA’s price trajectory.

Is This The Final Sale Of ADA Below $1? 

  Big money investors have been buying Cardano’s dip, amidst the market-wide volatility. Learning from analytics firm Into the Block, whale wallets holding between 1 M to 10 M ADA. Have grown ~41% since the start of the year, which has been astonishing for the crypto fraternity. 

Successively, the deep-pocketed investors have made purchases of 12 Million ADA, which tallies to about $9.48 Billion. That said, 70% of the ADA accumulations, find a path towards DEX like Sundaeswap. According to some sources, 26 DEX’s on Cardano are under development.

Consequently, Drip Dropz has launched the largest single drop in the history of the Cardano network. Following the Sundaeswap tokens being available for withdrawal on the platform. On the other hand, Cardano continues to top the list with the highest transaction volume and adjusted-transaction volumes on a 24-hour band. Which are at $27.39 B and $27.06 B respectively.

Summing up, the accumulation by big-money investors instils faith in a bullish run, on the higher time frame. That said, the long-term vision of the makers further gives impetus to the optimism amongst holders. Moreover, the excitement for the short-term has been soaring higher. As the community is keen on ADA’s price action on the 17th of March. Which is an important day on the calendar.

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Written by: Sahana Vibhute


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