Analyst sees support for Dogecoin at 9 cents

Analyst sees support for Dogecoin at 9 cents

Crypto analyst KrissPax believes Dogecoin has found a floor of around 9 cents despite retreating from recent highs.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Dec. 12, crypto analyst and influencer KrissPax weighed in with his latest thoughts on the price action and outlook for popular memecoin Dogecoin (DOGE).

The analyst believes the broader crypto market is currently in a period of pullback and consolidation after the sharp run-up across many major cryptocurrencies last month. He cited Bitcoin (BTC) falling below $42,000 as an example of the market resetting from overheated conditions.

Turning his focus to Dogecoin, the analyst noted that DOGE had retreated from local highs above 10 cents reached earlier this month. However, he believes the coin has found support around the 9 cent level, near where it was trading just one week ago on Dec. 5.

“Now resetting back to that level, we’ll be looking at where Doge goes from here,” the analyst commented. He still believes there could be further dips in the near term but considers the 9-cent zone an important area of potential buying interest.

A key potential catalyst for Dogecoin is the upcoming DOGE-1 mission to the Moon in late December, which the analyst predicts could create excitement and drive the price above 11 cents. However, he cautions traders to be wary of excessive leverage usage, which has led to cascading liquidations during recent volatility.

The analyst maintains a bullish medium-term outlook, stating that if Dogecoin can break above resistance around 11 cents, it opens the door for prices to revisit levels near 16 cents reached in late 2022. His year-end price target remains 12 cents.

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