Astar launches NFT campaign to celebrate mainnet launch

Astar launches NFT campaign to celebrate mainnet launch

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Astar Network, a Polkadot parachain, has announced an NFT campaign to celebrate the mainnet release of Astar zkEVM, an Ethereum layer-2 chain powered by Polygon technology.

Astar’s NFT campaign

The Astar Network’s NFT campaign, scheduled for Q1 2024, aims to celebrate the launch of the Astar zkEVM mainnet, which was built utilizing the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).

The campaign draws inspiration from Astar Network’s Japanese roots by using the popular Japanese capsule machines and mechanisms to award random prizes.

To participate in this campaign, users are encouraged to explore the projects available on Astar zkEVM. The platform offers on-chain and off-chain quests, which users can complete to earn rewards. These rewards include access to exclusive NFTs created by the Astar Network and other participating projects.

The experience has been designed to immerse users in a story inspired by Japanese folktales. This adds an engaging element to the experience and makes it more exciting. Rewards will be presented through virtual capsule machines, each customized by the projects participating in the campaign.

The rewards are unique and include a collection of Japanese-inspired characters that users can mint, collect, and interact with. These collectible characters can be further upgraded by completing set requirements and achieving milestones.

Global reach and market access for participating projects

The NFT campaign aims to showcase various projects, including enterprises, popular IP artists, and top web3 applications.

This was reiterated by a comment from Maarten Henskens, the head of Astar Foundation. He said:

“We’re excited to share the launch of Astar zkEVM with Polygon Labs in Q1 of next year. It’s the solution that our enterprise partners need to build seamlessly on Ethereum. Over 320 organizations have joined Astar and are prepared for the next wave of web3 development in Asia in 2024. We are now opening the doors globally to invite projects, artists, and businesses that have yet to explore web3 to get in contact and join Astar zkEVM with this builder-friendly campaign.”

This campaign allows participants to showcase their services to Astar’s worldwide user base, including multiple projects. 

Additionally, it enables them to explore the Japanese market by consulting with government agencies and collaborating with Japanese enterprises.

Projects interested in participating in the NFT campaign are encouraged to signify by filling out the Google form.

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