Axie Infinity is among top gainers on Christmas

Axie Infinity is among top gainers on Christmas

Axie Infinity is among the top gainers on Christmas Day, climbing by 21% today and 51% over the past week.

This significant increase positions Axie Infinity as the second-highest gainer in the crypto market today, just behind ORDI.

The driving force behind this surge is the latest major game update, which has the potential to attract more players. A key feature of this update is the evolution of Axies, which some users find similar to Pokemons. Players can now evolve their Axies with more features and abilities.

This update process is more than a cosmetic change, as it fundamentally alters the Axie Infinity economy. By allowing part evolutions, the game introduces a deflationary mechanism that could reduce the overall Axie population, simultaneously increasing the value of existing Axies and deepening the players’ connection with their digital companions.

In a broader context, several other gaming tokens have seen a noteworthy uptick on Christmas week. Decentraland, a leading metaverse cryptocurrency, has increased value by over 20% in the last week.

Similarly, The Sandbox has enjoyed a substantial 25% increase in its token value over the same period.

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