Battle arena of Pixelmon is moving to Immutable zkEVM

Battle arena of Pixelmon is moving to Immutable zkEVM

Immutable has announced that Pixelmon is moving its battle arena to its native zkEVM. The announcement builds on Pixelmon’s commitment to architecting its innovation on Immutable zkEVM, which Polygon powers. Immutable has expressed its excitement with the development and so have the community members, most of them calling it a great Monday announcement.

According to GiulioX, the cofounder of LiquidX and Chief Executive Officer of Pixelmon, this collaboration aims to enable the seamless execution of in-game transactions.

The development carries forward the market image of Pixelmon, which tags them as one of the Phoenix rising stories in NFT history. Pixelmon has been ranked at the top position in the gaming category of OpenSea for the last 30 days and for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Immutable has expressed its excitement about partnering with Pixelmon. They are now tasked with assisting Pixelmon in their growth journey in Web3 gaming.

Pixelmon is currently looking forward to hosting the MON tokenomics. The ERC-20 token will be issued at the Token Genesis Event, with 1 billion in total supply. A total of 30% has been dedicated to community claims. It is closely followed by ecosystem funds, with a share of 29%. The remaining portion will be distributed among community sales, strategic sales, team contributions, launch contributions, and liquidity.

While Polygon is working silently in the background, it has benefited from the announcement nonetheless. Its native token, MATIC, has been up by 6.105 in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.8774 as the article is being drafted. The 24-hour volume is also up by 53.70%.

Moving forward, Pixelmon is working in association with BlockGames to attend NFT Paris on February 24, 2024, at 6:30 p.m.

As for Immutable, it has recently launched zkEVM Mainnet with early access as of the end of January this year. Immutable has stated that the project, which it has dubbed “the future of gaming,” has Polygon’s support to enable games to thrive in the Immutable ecosystem. The benefits of the mainnet launch are massive scalability, smart contract compatibility, and interaction for gamers without any gas. Other benefits include speed to market for developers and seamless interoperability, which has become the backbone of every innovation in Web3.

Only select gaming studios are allowed to enter the early-access version of the project.

Immutable continues to grow in the ecosystem of Web3 gaming. A partnership with Polygon has only brought out the best to accelerate development and fuel the adoption of Web3 gaming. A partnership with Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab has helped them create a new gaming experience. Thereby unlocking capabilities that enable players to experience Web3 like never before.

Pixelmon launching its battle arena on Immutable zkEVM takes that vision forward. The partnership helps Pixelmon offer seamless execution of in-game transactions. Meaning, players will have an enhanced gameplay experience.

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