Bitcoin (BTC) Loses Correlation With S&P 500 Stocks: Analyst
Bitcoin (BTC) Loses Correlation With S&P 500 Stocks: Analyst
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Former senior market analyst at eToro and CEO of Quantum Economics noticed major ‘decoupling’ event

Founder of market analysis, consulting and asset management firm Quantum Economics Mati Greenspan says farewell to the correlation between the performance of the largest cryptocurrency and top stocks of public companies.

“No longer a couple”: Top analyst Greenspan on Bitcoin (BTC) and stocks

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency asset by market capitalization, and SPX500, a market value-weighted index that tracks the prices of 500 large stocks traded on the U.S. market, stopped showing signs of notable correlation between each other. Prominent analyst and investor Mati Greenspan shared this take in social media today, Sept. 18, 2023.

He illustrated this take with a chart from CoinMetrics, a major blockchain data research platform. It demonstrates that the correlation between the two values has been plummeting since early 2023.

So far, it is the largest decline of this metric since the 2018-2019 bear market peak. The Bitcoin/SPX500 correlation printed an all-time high at 0.7 in Q1, 2022.

In the early years of Bitcoin’s (BTC) history, the correlation was mostly negative, as BTC was not mature enough. At the same time, during the 2020 crisis, the correlation started growing.

At the same time, Bitcoin (BTC) is still correlated to Nikkei 225, a Japanese version of SPX500, as reported by U.Today previously.

Bear market phenomena?

Also, in June 2023, Bitcoin (BTC) lost its correlation with gold. The assets share a reputation as hedge instruments against increased market volatility.

Greenspan avoided indicating the root causes of such an impressive “decoupling.” However, he hinted that it might be associated with the painful phase of bearish recession for Bitcoin (BTC):

Call it a bear market phenomena or whatever you want. Data from CoinMetrics shows that BTC and the SPX500 are no longer a couple. We wish them a happy break up!

Also, analyst PlanB opined today that the market is in an accumulation phase, the last depressive one before the start of a new bullish rally. He expects it to come in 2024-2025, as U.Today covered earlier today.

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