Bitcoin (BTC) Spurs Investor Interest In Coinbase; InQubeta Thrives In Presale With Over $6.6 M Raised

Bitcoin (BTC) Spurs Investor Interest In Coinbase; InQubeta Thrives In Presale With Over .6 M Raised

Coinbase has experienced an over 300% increase despite the low retail investor interest in Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin’s upcoming spot ETF was the primary driver of the project’s price appreciation. BTC entered a multi-month high, beating various resistance levels and surging past $40,000. Bitcoin’s feat left investors optimistic about the project’s potential upticks, but US retail investors showed no interest, slowing BTC’s rally.

InQubeta (QUBE) is drawing investor interest with an impressive presale that has already raised over $6.6 million. InQubeta is the new crypto project drawing attention with its innovative AI investment model. QUBE is the haven for investors who want to leverage rich crypto and AI industry opportunities. Investors call this blockchain ICO an excellent choice for its long-term viability.

This article discusses why InQubeta’s presale keeps thriving with over $6.6 million raised in funding.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Innovative Crowdfunding Model Draws Investors To Its Presale

InQubeta’s platform connects AI startups with potential investors. Analysts are impressed with this AI crypto because of its approach to providing accessible capital and exclusive investment opportunities. Its ongoing presale is a crucial factor fueling experts’ interest in this cryptocurrency ICO. InQubeta is in the sixth stage of its ten-phased presale and is priced at $0.01925. The project’s presale is a solid pointer to the token’s appeal among savvy investors. More than 625 million QUBE tokens have been sold, with over $6.6 million raised. InQubeta’s presale positions it among the cryptocurrencies set to explode before Christmas.

As one of the top DeFi projects, InQubeta helps investors participate in the growth of AI startups through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). InQubeta’s distinct initiatives and technology are why investors are flocking to it. QUBE token holders can invest in affordable and promising projects in the marketplace. It allows AI startups to raise funds and build partnerships with savvy investors. Equity-based NFTs are made by these startups, and in return for patronage, they reward their investors. This mutually beneficial opportunity is why many investors are participating in the QUBE presale, aiming to expand their holdings.

Another feature drawing whales to this blockchain ICO is its deflationary mechanism. The QUBE token employs a deflationary mechanism that preserves its value over time. 2% of the buys and sells on the platform go to a burn wallet, strengthening the project’s potential for long-term growth. A 5% sales tax dedicated to a reward pool also allows investors to earn rewards through staking. Investors participating in InQubeta’s presale understand this project is one of the top DeFi projects and want to leverage its unique opportunities.

Bitcoin (BTC) Is Soaring New Heights As Investors Anticipate Its Continued Growth

Coinbase experts David Duong and David Han provided insight into BTC’s future trends in a recent commentary that broke down the token’s price actions. Duong noted Bitcoin’s performance alongside the anticipated Spot Bitcoin ETF developments. Bitcoin’s growth spurred investor interest in Coinbase, increasing the organization’s stock prices despite poor participation from retail investors.

BTC recently crossed the $40,000 mark and is inching toward $45,000. Despite Bitcoin’s surge, US retail investors remained unimpressed, leading to poor participation. Yet Coinbase’s shares rose by 3%, indicating the platform’s solid stance as a powerhouse in the crypto market.


Bitcoin gained the attention of crypto enthusiasts with its recent rise, but it didn’t gain the attention of retail investors in the US. Coinbase, however, benefited from this with increased stock and share prices. Bitcoin’s steady surge has renewed hopes for investors, and many anticipate a continued increase in project’s performance in the coming months. 

Meanwhile, InQubeta’s strategic positioning as an AI crypto makes it an investor favourite. The QUBE presale is an excellent opportunity for upcoming investors to leverage this cryptocurrency ICO for their portfolios. Once the project launches, early backers will receive huge returns and membership access to exclusive AI projects. To participate in the presale, use the link below.

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