Bitcoin Evangelist Demeester Slams Altcoins as Zombiecoins
Bitcoin Evangelist Demeester Slams Altcoins as Zombiecoins

Tuur Demeester’s recent comments on the future of altcoins have struck a nerve


The Bitcoin evangelist and trader took to Twitter to voice a grim prediction, arguing that many altcoins may be on a path to becoming “zombiecoins”—cryptocurrencies that have little activity or innovation to show for themselves. 

His critical perspective rings especially loud for Litecoin, a cryptocurrency that once enjoyed the position as the supposed “silver” to Bitcoin’s “gold” in the nascent days of cryptocurrency trading.

Litecoin’s languishing ecosystem 

Despite the overall market witnessing significant price pumps, Litecoin’s presence has been muted, failing to record even a 5% rise. 

The LitecoinTalk forum, once the heartbeat of its community, lies in a quiet state, with little to no activity from developers or users. 

This lack of engagement is echoed in the coin’s technical advancements—or lack thereof—with the promised MWEB integration into practical wallets for PC and mobile still pending. 

Furthermore, community-driven projects like OmniLite and LTC20 are showing minimal activity, failing to generate liquidity or interest. 

The network’s health is also a growing concern, with a noted decrease in hashrate following Litecoin’s last halving event, and a waning social media presence that once bolstered its image. 

The sentiment within the community is one of inertia, primarily sustained by long-term holders rather than new investors or developers.

Contrasting views on Litecoin’s future

Demeester’s view on Litecoin’s trajectory might be somber, but it’s not universally shared. The cryptocurrency community is known for its resilience and surprise turnarounds. 

Some industry observers argue that it’s too early to write off Litecoin, citing ongoing efforts to upgrade and maintain the platform. 

The immediate outlook may seem challenging, but the coin’s history and the cyclical nature of the crypto market suggest that it may yet find a new lease on life. 

Demeester himself, despite his bearish stance, points to the unpredictability of the crypto markets and hints at a cautious “wait and see” approach.

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