Cardano Lead Dev Teases Thrilling 2024 Plans Involving Arbitrum and Mina Protocol
Cardano Lead Dev Teases Thrilling 2024 Plans Involving Arbitrum and Mina Protocol

In a recent X post, Cardano’s lead developer, Sebastien Guillemot, hinted at groundbreaking developments for the blockchain in 2024. Amid the recent downturn in Ethereum sentiment, Guillemot expressed enthusiasm about working with Arbitrum, hinting at an imminent fusion of Cardano with Arbitrum and Mina Protocol.


Guillemot, a key figure in the Cardano ecosystem, has been instrumental in advancing layer-2 solutions. His studio, Paima Studios, unveiled a layer-2 solution earlier this year, facilitating on-chain gaming experiences for Cardano users. Guillemot’s recent proclamation suggests a strategic alignment with Arbitrum and Mina Protocol, signaling a paradigm shift in the blockchain landscape.

What to expect?

The official blog post from Paima Studios delves into the challenges of scaling decentralized gaming experiences on the blockchain, emphasizing the limitations of current layer-1 blockchains. The text unveils Mina Protocol as a potential game-changer, leveraging Zero Knowledge layers and Data Availability layers to achieve unprecedented scalability.

To overcome user onboarding challenges, Paima proposes an account abstraction framework within Mina Protocol. This innovative approach allows users from diverse blockchains to seamlessly participate without the need for a Mina-specific wallet.

The text outlines the creation of a system called “funnels,” facilitated by Paima’s application framework. Funnels aggregate state from different chains, streamlining the development process for developers working across multiple ecosystems.

As the Cardano community eagerly awaits the fruition of these ambitious plans, ADA enthusiasts can anticipate a thrilling 2024 marked by innovative collaborations with Arbitrum and Mina Protocol.

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