Cardano’s Minswap DEX Records Nearly 350% Increase in TVL over Seven Days: Details
Cardano’s Minswap DEX Records Nearly 350% Increase in TVL over Seven Days: Details

As indicated by DeFi data tracker DefiIlama, Cardano’s Minswap DEX has recorded astonishing growth in Total Value Locked (TVL). At the start of March, MinSwap recorded $11.57 million in TVL staked in its Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE), through which it intends to use the market to determine the price of its MIN tokens.

At the time of publication, this figure has grown to $43.59 million per DefiIlama data, representing a nearly 350% increase within seven days. Ahead of its mainnet launch, Cardano’s Minswap DEX seems to already be off to a solid start. Minswap, a community-focused decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain, announced that the DEX Mainnet Launch is slated for March 8.

The Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE), which kickstarted on Feb. 23, has reached the encounter phase where participants can turn in purrADA tokens for ADA/MIN Liquidity Pool tokens to represent their share of the ADA/MIN pool.

Cardano’s Total Value Locked reaches all-time highs

According to Defillama, a DeFi TVL aggregator, the TVL of Cardano’s DEXs has surpassed $160 million for the first time. The overall value of crypto assets placed in a decentralized finance (DeFi) system—or DeFi protocols in general—is referred to as total value locked (TVL). It has become an important statistic for evaluating interest in that particular segment of the cryptocurrency market.

Total Value Locked in Cardano, Courtesy: Defillama

When staked governance tokens are included in the TVL valuation, the Defillama dashboard reveals that Cardano’s TVL is much greater. With the change, Cardano’s TVL now stands at about $227.5 million.

SundaeSwap is the largest of the Cardano decentralized exchanges tracked by Defillama, accounting for roughly half of the total value locked on the Cardano blockchain.

With approximately $114.89 million in TVL, SundaeSwap retains 50.50% market dominance. In the prior month, the first Cardano-based DEX’s TVL increased by roughly 41.83%.

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