Charles Hoskinson Celebrates Cardano’s Birthday, But It’s Not Blockchain
Charles Hoskinson Celebrates Cardano’s Birthday, But It’s Not Blockchain

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Yuri Molchan

IOG founder celebrates birthday of the polymath whose name Cardano chain bears

Head of Input Output Global, the company that created Cardano Foundation and the same-name blockchain, has wished Cardano a happy birthday.

Hoskinson made a retweet of a post published by @Rainmaker1973 Twitter user who has more than 665,200 followers on Twitter and works in the spheres of astronomy, astronautics, meteorology, and physics. This tweet bears a link to a Wikipedia article about the man, whose last name Hoskinson picked to name his brainchild in the blockchain sphere – Gerolamo Cardano.

This was an Italian scientist who was interested in a range of sciences, such as maths, physics, biology, astrology, chemistry, etc.

According to the article, Cardano was “one of the most influential mathematicians of the Renaissance.”


Cardano team has just implemented Plutus 2.0 language via Vasil upgrade which has greatly improved the deployment of smart contracts on Cardano. According to a recent tweet of Hoskinson, hundreds of projects are now excited to build smart contracts on his chain after Vasil took place on September 22.

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Written by: Yuri Molchan


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