Charles Hoskinson Gives Harsh Response to Cardano (ADA) Hater
Charles Hoskinson Gives Harsh Response to Cardano (ADA) Hater
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Yuri Molchan

Founder of Cardano complains about haters who claim that Cardano has nothing to show for

Founder of IOG, the company that built Cardano blockchain platform, Charles Hoskinson, has taken to Twitter to complain about another wave of hate against his proof-of-stake platform.

Twitter user @PrrplFrog with slightly over 10,000 followers criticized Hoskinson and Cardano, stating that Hoskinson and his brainchild “get away year after year without anything to show for.” “It’s unbelievable,” he wrote. “Still in research phase?”

Hoskinson tweeted that he finds this particular comment and similar ones on Twitter about Cardano bizarre and wondered what this person and other Cardano critics mean by “anything to show for.”

Here’s what Cardano has “to show for” in May

A recently published retrospective of Cardano growth in May shows that it was going slowly but surely. One decentralized app was launched with 22 more in the works at the moment. The total count of actively used dApps on this network now stands at 127.

Besides, 150,000 new tokens were launched on Cardano, and the amount of Plutus scripts surpassed 8,200. The number of transactions performed soared by nearly 2 million and exceeded a milestone of 67.2 million.

Besides, a new version of the node software was released — Cardano Node v.8.0.0, it will help to improve the cooperation with on-chain staking pool operators (SPOs).

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