Creditcoin Price Surge By 262% After Upbit Announces It’s Listing on it’s Korean Won market

Creditcoin Price Surge By 262% After Upbit Announces It’s Listing on it’s Korean Won market

Upbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, recently announced it would list the CreditCoin token CTC on the Korean Won market on 12 Dec 2023, around 18:00 as per KST. This news has caused the price of CreditCoin to go up by a significant 254.58%, and it is now trading at $0.7301. 

Creditcoin To Be Listed on Upbit

According to the official announcement by the Upbit team, Creditcoin will be added to its Korean Won market. Meanwhile, it will support the CTC/BTC trading pair too, along with the other prominent cryptocurrencies. 

CreditCoin (CTC) aims to revolutionize the global credit economy by introducing a decentralized platform for secure credit transactions. 

The project’s key features include the elimination of intermediaries, faster and more accessible credit processes, and the implementation of a reputation-based scoring system to facilitate fair transactions.

Additionally, CreditCoin stands out for its interoperability with existing credit systems, allowing users to seamlessly exchange their credit ratings for tokens. This unique approach positions CreditCoin as a promising player in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

Upbit Customer Support 

With the listing, Upbit will extend comprehensive support for CreditCoin, including the CTC/BTC trading pair alongside other well-established cryptocurrencies. 

Deposit support for CreditCoin is slated to commence within one hour of the announcement. However, deposits from exchanges not linked with VV will undergo a review process before being reflected in users’ accounts

Meanwhile, the trading support for CreditCoin is scheduled to kick off on December 12, 2023, at 18:00 KST. During the initial trading period, buy orders are expected to face restrictions for the first 5 minutes, while sell orders will encounter restrictions for the first hour. 

As per the latest data, CreditCoin is trading at $0.738, reflecting an impressive surge of $263.87 and boasting a market capitalization of $225 million.

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