Crypto hedge funds have rallied in Q4

Crypto hedge funds have rallied in Q4

Cryptocurrency hedge funds are making a significant comeback after suffering massive setbacks in 2022.

Several of these funds are recovering and seeing remarkable growth, with optimistic projections for 2024. Pantera Capital, a leading name in the cryptocurrency fund sector, is a prime example of this resurgence. Despite a steep 80% decline in 2022, according to Bloomberg reports, Pantera Capital’s Liquid Token Fund has rebounded impressively, boasting an increase of nearly 80% as of mid-December.

The fund’s current investment strategy includes a significant stake in dYdX, while its combined investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum constitute less than 40% of the portfolio.

Another notable performer is Stoka Global LP, a fund focusing primarily on alternative cryptocurrencies called altcoins. As of the end of November, Stoka Global LP reported a substantial gain of 268% for the year.

This resurgence comes as a breath of fresh air to the crypto hedge fund industry, which faced significant setbacks following the collapse of FTX in the previous year. The event and a series of redemptions and challenges in accessing banking services led to the closure of nearly one-third of all crypto hedge funds.

However, the surviving firms are now positioning themselves for continued success into 2024. This optimistic outlook is further bolstered by the sustained high value of Bitcoin, driven by expectations of crypto ETF approvals in the next few months.

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