DeeStream takes center stage, Aptos and Monero fall

DeeStream takes center stage, Aptos and Monero fall

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In February, Aptos (APT) and Monero (XMR) are under pressure. Meanwhile, DeeStream (DST) may extend gains.  

Aptos is recovering as Monero approaches $120

Aptos remains volatile. Currently, the coin is up, trading at $9.1536, down 2% from January highs.

The delisting from Binance forced XMR prices lower. The coin fell to $120, down 27% from last week’s high. 

The possibility of other exchanges following Binance could lead to more sell-offs.

All eyes on DeeStream

DeeStream aims to change how users consume content. It offers live content and works like YouTube and Twitch. 

The main difference is that DeeStream uses blockchain technology, allowing users to pay with various tokens. 

This feature makes transactions quicker and fees lower compared to other platforms. 

In the ongoing DeeStream presale, DST is trading for $0.035, though experts expect more gains in 2024.

Investors can earn consistent revenue from DeeStream’s profits, while token holders can suggest improvements for the platform.

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