Dogecoin Price Going Down? These Two Meme Coins Look Like They Could Be the Best Tokens

Dogecoin Price Going Down? These Two Meme Coins Look Like They Could Be the Best Tokens

Dogecoin has gained widespread recognition, even among individuals with limited knowledge of cryptocurrencies, due to its association with a humorous dog-themed token. This has contributed to its popularity, as it possesses a populist appeal that drives its price upwards.

However, investors and traders are now shifting their attention to two other meme-based coins – AiDoge and Wall St Memes. We will provide a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about AiDoge and WSM here.

Dogecoin is No Longer the Main Meme Coin

In order to make accurate predictions about the future value of Dogecoin, it is essential to understand its underlying technology and how it differentiates itself from other prominent cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin operates on a blockchain, similar to Litecoin, and utilizes Scrypt technology for its mining process, which adds complexity compared to traditional Proof-of-Work chains. Despite this, Dogecoin demonstrates a capacity to handle over 40 transactions per second.

One notable advantage of Dogecoin is its comparatively low average transaction fee of $0.15, especially when contrasted with Ethereum’s high fees during periods of congestion. This suggests that Dogecoin provides a more affordable network for users. Although Dogecoin’s scalability may not be the most robust, these statistics indicate that it has a sturdy foundation capable of accommodating larger transaction volumes in the future.

Dogecoin has garnered significant popularity as a preferred method for online tipping, thanks to its low transfer fees. Over the past year, a tipping bot was developed specifically for Dogecoin, enabling users on Twitter to tip one another directly on the platform. This feature gained substantial traction due to the cost-effectiveness of sending DOGE to other users. Moreover, DOGE found utility in Twitter’s new verification process, where users could utilize it to pay the monthly fee of $8 to obtain or retain a coveted blue tick.

When assessing the future value of Dogecoin, it is essential to consider its potential trajectory. Although its status as a meme coin makes it unlikely for major corporations to embrace DOGE, its user-friendly aesthetic holds appeal, particularly among younger generations within the crypto market, especially within tipping services. If this trend continues, there may be an increased demand for DOGE from internet users and retail investors. Based on these projections, it is estimated that the coin could reach a value of $0.6 in 2023.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for investors to broaden their scope and consider alternative cryptocurrencies that exhibit strong potential in 2023. One notable contender is AiDoge, a meme-to-earn project that is rapidly gaining traction within the crypto community. While the projected price of Dogecoin for 2023 remains a possibility, it is important to remain vigilant and monitor the progress of other emerging cryptocurrencies as they present promising opportunities in the market.

AiDoge is A Meme Generation Platform

AiDoge presents a unique platform that delivers an AI-driven meme generation experience tailored to the ever-changing crypto landscape. Its core elements consist of an AI-powered meme generator, text-based prompts, and Ai tokens used for credit purchases.


Through AiDoge, users can effortlessly create memes by providing text prompts that are processed by the AI algorithm to generate engaging and relevant content. The platform ensures that meme creation becomes accessible to all.

To facilitate the generation of memes, Ai tokens serve as the primary currency within the AiDoge platform. This approach ensures the platform’s sustainability and continuous advancement.

By utilizing AiDoge’s voting mechanism, users have the ability to express their preferences by upvoting or downvoting memes, ultimately influencing their position on the public wall. Memes that receive higher scores are granted increased visibility, creating an incentive for the creation of top-notch content and active user engagement.

AiDoge further encourages the production of exceptional memes and active voting by offering rewards in the form of $Ai tokens to the creators of the most successful memes. Each month, the platform selects winning memes based on their scores, and the creators are duly rewarded with $Ai tokens. This innovative approach motivates content creators to generate captivating and entertaining content, fostering the overall growth and prosperity of the AiDoge community.

The AiDoge Presale is Worth Checking Out

The Ai token, built on the ERC-20 standard, possesses all the qualities typically associated with tokens of this nature. The total supply of Ai tokens is set at 1 trillion. Detailed information regarding the presale rounds has been provided by the team, and the key points are summarized below.

The current presale of the AiDoge project is underway, with each Ai token priced at $0.0000336. This marks the initiation of the first round of the presale, which will consist of a total of 20 rounds. In each round, 25 million tokens will be made available for purchase. Given the anticipated high demand, it is advisable for investors to participate in the presale at the earliest opportunity.

During the presale, users can acquire tokens by using various payment methods, including ETH, USDT (ERC 20), BNB, USDT (BEP20), and debit/credit cards. When the token is officially listed, it will be introduced at a price of $0.0000336. The listing events are scheduled to occur in Q3 2023. It is important to note that the presale has a hard cap of $14.9 million, ensuring a defined limit for the total funds raised during this phase.

Wall Street Memes is the Meme Coin to Watch Now

Wall Street Memes have emerged as a unique platform and community that originated from the GameStop controversy and the Wall Street Bets movement. By combining elements of internet culture, meme-based humour, and the financial world, Wall Street Memes aims to satirize and mock the traditional financial system while providing individuals with opportunities to participate in cryptocurrency investments, specifically focusing on meme coins.


At its core, Wall Street Memes tokenizes the movement by introducing its own cryptocurrency called the $WSM token. This token enables individuals to engage in speculative investments similar to those observed on Wall Street, but with a humorous and irreverent twist. By becoming a part of the Wall Street Memes community and investing in $WSM, individuals can express their support for the movement and potentially earn profits from meme-based cryptocurrencies.

Wall Street Memes signify the triumph of the internet over unregulated capitalism, drawing inspiration from the very movement it emerged from. In the ’80s, the infamous quote “Greed is good” epitomized the accumulation of wealth through worthless stocks. Now, after approximately three decades, numerous meme coins, which some may argue are even more lacking in inherent value, present ordinary people with similar opportunities.

Wall Street Memes takes this movement and transforms it into a tokenized representation, offering a platform where individuals can engage in humorous and meme-driven investments, challenging traditional financial norms.

The WSM Token is Making Waves

In the current presale phase, the WSM token is priced at $0.0265 and is set to increase to $0.0268 in the upcoming stage. Despite its short duration, the project has already raised nearly $2.6 million during the presale, with the token available for purchase using either ETH or USDT.

The WSM team has provided details about the tokenomics of the project. The presale portion constitutes 50% of the total token supply, while another 30% is allocated for community rewards. The remaining 20% is evenly divided between CEX and DEX liquidity.

An airdrop program is also planned for the WSM token, with interested individuals becoming eligible by actively participating in various social channels and holding/trading WSM tokens. The distinctive qualities of Wall St Memes contribute to their appeal.

One significant factor is the project’s strong and well-established community across various social media platforms, providing a solid foundation for rapid expansion and growth. Additionally, interactions with influential figures such as Elon Musk have had a substantial impact, given his influence on meme coins.

The robust community support also increases the likelihood of Wall St Memes being listed on a prominent tier 1 exchange, a crucial factor for future growth and success. This listing would enhance visibility and accessibility, reaching a wider audience.

Considering these factors, WSM is poised to become the standout meme coin of the year, an impressive achievement in its own right.


Undoubtedly, meme tokens have established their presence and have the potential to significantly enhance investment portfolios. Among these meme coins, Wall St Memes stands out as one of the most captivating options in recent times. It is evident that this particular coin offers more than just the typical characteristics of a meme coin. If Wall St Memes has sparked your interest, exploring their presale would be worth considering.

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