Ethereum Foundation evaluates withdrawal of ETH staked

Ethereum Foundation evaluates withdrawal of ETH staked

The JavaScript team of the Ethereum Foundation has officially declared that, at the present moment, they are gradually and effectively moving in the direction of making it possible and feasible to make Beacon Chain withdrawals, in the case of staked ETH. In order to capably complete the required process, they will be involving themselves in matters related to a relaunch of the Shangdong Testnet. 

In accordance with their intentions, they anticipate that this will occur very soon. Out of all of these activities, the resultant factor will be the viability of making withdrawals of ETH, a scenario that has never existed before.

Simultaneously, however, there was a formal announcement made from the camp of a developer of Ethereum, by the name of Marius van der Wijden, who is presently actively engaged in activities related to the Go Ethereum (Geth) software client. 

He appropriately stated in a tweet that the Ethereum client teams had previously successfully provided a multi-client devnet. This has been put in place in order to be able to effectively and accurately test all of the Beacon chain withdrawals. In the present time and scenario, the devnet happens to be firmly standing by the Geth, Nethermind, Lodestar, Teku, Lighthouse, and, last but not least, Prysm clients.

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