FakeAI’s viral instagram videos cited by Joe Rogan and featured in Greta Thunberg’s skit

FakeAI’s viral instagram videos cited by Joe Rogan and featured in Greta Thunberg’s skit

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A DeepFake video created with the DeepFakeAI platform went viral on Instagram and was cited by the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The DeepFakeAI viral video

On Dec. 7, 2023, DeepFakeAI, a project that combines artificial intelligence with blockchain to create realistic deep fakes, shared a tweet on one of the viral videos created with DeepFakeAI infrastructure.

The video which was shared widely on Instagram on Nov. 16, featured Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist who called on women to cease the use of battery-powered toys, as they were harmful to the environment.

The DeepFakeAI project went further to point out how the video was a prime example of the potential use cases of deep fakes and the utility of its platform. The deep fake video accumulated 400k likes within the first three days of it being uploaded.

The video’s virality drew the attention of high-profile podcaster, Joe Rogan. In the # 2072 edition of the Joe Rogan Experience which featured Stavros Halkins, Joe Rogan pointed out that the existence of such a realistically looking video with the aid of AI was crazy.

In response, a user with the handle @Gem_yodler responded:

“Someone tell joerogan that the crazy part ain’t the video itself, but it’s how the video was made! Just by some text in a telegram bot. He needs to know how easy it is to make one and that everyone can do it in 30 seconds. He will be shocked.”

Similar DeepFake videos were posted on YouTube, X, and TikTok.

DeepFakeAI infrastructure

The DeepFakeAi infrastructure combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and Telegram community building, allowing users to create realistic deep fake videos with little technical knowledge.

The platform has a set of DeepFake characters, and it allows users to create new characters. The project relies on an AI algorithm that uses realistic voice modulations, synchronized lip-syncs, and AI-generated content to create DeepFake videos.

To Create a character like Greta Thunberg above, users would train the AI algorithm which involves processing source clips to isolate noise, and providing source pictures. The result is a DeepFake character that is made available to other users across the DeepFakeAi platform, expanding its database.

To finalize the video, users input selected phrases or sentences that the generated characters would utter.

The DeepFakeAi ecosystem comprises the DeepFake web platform, Telegram bot integration for telegram communities, and the FakeAI deflationary token.

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