Galxe and Turtsat team up for Web3 community boost

Galxe and Turtsat team up for Web3 community boost

Galxe’s leading community platform collaborates with Turtsat, one of BRC20’s top construction platforms. This collaborative endeavor and Galxe’s extensive network aim to broaden Turtsat’s reach and increase community participation. One of the goals of this collaboration is to provide various benefits to members of both communities through incentives and exclusive spots on allowlists.

The recent announcement by Galxe that it will integrate with the Bitcoin ecosystem and BRC20 standard showcases what might be expected of a multi-chain service. Due to the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape, this strategic decision will expand the community’s options. A step in that direction is this alliance with Turtsat. In the realm of cryptocurrencies, Galxe views it as an additional milestone.

Galxe and Turtsat share the common objective of empowering their communities, fostering innovative breakthroughs, and assisting in developing a more inclusive future with decentralized Web3. Their shared vision is the pillar of their partnership.

Galxe, also known for leading the way in building Web3 communities, has over 14 million unique users. It has also contributed to making networks such as Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum. And more than 400 partners have worked on it. These collaborations sometimes take the form of loyalty programs based on rewards, strengthening user interaction and retention.

At the beginning of this year, Galxe proudly announced a substantial partnership with Kroma Network. This is one of the most influential Ethereum Layer 2 solutions developed by Lightscale. The objective of this collaboration for Kroma Network was to increase its visibility on mainstream social platforms and solidify its position as a leader in NFTs. Unsurprisingly, this endeavor received the support of renowned game developer Wemade.

By forming a new alliance with Turtsat, Galxe reaffirms its commitment to the cryptocurrency industry. This development presents favorable prospects for the communities on both platforms to investigate uncharted territories. It also integrates seamlessly with Galxe. The overarching objectives of Galxe are openness, innovation, and community empowerment. This serves as evidence that Galxe consistently proactively seizes opportunities and adjusts to the ever-changing Web3 environment.

The collaboration between Galxe and Turtsat reflects ongoing synergy among Web 3 members. As this trend continues, several platforms combine their skills and rapidly enrich other sections of the crypto and Blockchain ecosystem. Galxe is constructing its Web3 essentials strategy in collaboration with a large number of other organizations, with an eye toward the future of decentralized teamwork and interaction.

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