Ho Ho Hold, Why Bitcoin (BTC), Pullix (PLX) And Ethereum (ETH) Are Set To Rise Ahead Of The Santa Rally!

Ho Ho Hold, Why Bitcoin (BTC), Pullix (PLX) And Ethereum (ETH) Are Set To Rise Ahead Of The Santa Rally!

As Christmas time approaches, investors are wondering if the Santa rally is going to generate traditional selling pressure or if the tide is different this year. Let’s dive into the reasons why this year is different, and why Bitcoin, Pullix, and Ethereum are set to rise.

Bitcoin (BTC): General Optimism is Going to Propel it Upward Before EOY

Today, we’ve hit the 10th anniversary of the legendary HODL post. We should hold Ho Ho Hodl as destiny foreshadows this hodl position. Bitcoin is currently at a standstill, moving up and down on a ~3% basis daily. Bitcoin’s one-month 13.30% gain is a reason for optimism, however.

Optimism is moving around Bitcoin after the $4 billion Binance plea deal. We expect to see a positive outcome from the SEC in January. This speculation, hoping to find a Bitcoin ETF, will likely create upward movement before EOY. We can see positive sentiment if we take a look at betting platforms

Currently, a $100 bet on the SEC approval by March 30, returns $111. These odds show enthusiasm in the market. Moving averages firmly agree with this optimistic sentiment. They’re showing a strong buy indicator. This sentiment is remarkable because, traditionally, Christmas time has often been a time of increased selling pressure. 

Ethereum (ETH): Set to Follow the Same Movement as Bitcoin

Ethereum’s price hasn’t changed today having fallen 0.37% in the last week. Moreover, Ethereum’s 12.99% gain in the last month is a reason for optimism. Remarkably, these movements are remarkably similar to Bitcoin. 

Ethereum ETFs are a possibility starting in January as well. This approval would propel Ethereum as much as it will Bitcoin. As the market is optimistic about the January decision, speculation will move Ethereum upward much before the actual decision occurs. Moving averages agree here as well. Therefore, our verdict is Ho Ho Holding. 

Pullix (PLX): Revolutionary Exchange Set to Grow Regardless of SEC Decisions

Pullix has already reached the 3rd stage of its presale. As centralized exchanges suffer more and more regulatory pressures, the market seems interested in other DEX platforms. 

As a hybrid exchange, Pullix will bring together the best of DEXs and CEXs. The result is that the exchange has offered its users seamless, secure, and cheap trading. But what has stirred the crypto community about Pullix is its connections across markets.

Users on Pullix will be able to trade assets from all markets- stocks, commodities, or ETFs. They will be able to do just this from one account in which they can also trade all these assets using their own crypto balances as leverage.

An enormous potential area that is within Pullix itself – is Trade 2 Earn, which works by rewarding users with instant gifts for their operations and trades. When they trade on Pullix, a fixed reward is earned and shared in the PLX token.

As with other DeFi coins, PLX has experienced major growth over the last few days. The price of the Pullix coin has reached a new 2023 high at $0.044 per token. But as it is involved in several markets, analysts have put itself on a list of the top ten best cryptocurrencies to buy before 2024, which could soar by up to 40x.

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