Injective,, and Everlodge: coins trending higher, poised for potential breakthroughs

Injective,, and Everlodge: coins trending higher, poised for potential breakthroughs

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Three cryptocurrencies, namely Injective (INJ), (FET), and Everlodge (ELDG), have been posting big gains in recent days. Amid this, ELDG has outpaced INJ and FET. Overall, investors appear confident in Everlodge’s business plans, as seen in the ongoing presale.

Injective surges to new all-time high

INJ is up 3,000% in 2023. 

The coin rose by 133% in the last month alone, pushing prices to $39.87 on Dec. 19. 

The spike is due to a sharp increase in the trading volume of INJ perpetual futures contracts. 

Injective has also introduced its first inscription marketplace, capitalizing on this momentum.

Despite the impressive run, some experts are concerned that the INJ run is driven more by derivatives traders using leverage rather than fundamental activity in the spot market.

FET supply on exchanges declining

The monthly chart shows that FET is firm, rising by 40% to $0.73. 

This rise could be due to support from retail investors accumulating FET. 

Data from Sentiment reveals a sharp decrease in the supply of FET on exchanges, a bullish development.

Everlodge to scale vacation property investment

The vacation rental market is booming, with the global sector expected to grow 14% annually from 2020 to 2030. 

Everlodge aims to reshape hospitality through its blockchain-based property marketplace. 

The platform allows users to invest in holiday homes, enabling partial ownership for just $100. 

Selecting high-end properties, Everlodge transforms them into digital tokens using non-fungible technology (NFTs), making it possible for individual investors to participate.

The value of these property-backed NFTs fluctuates based on the corresponding property’s value, offering a secure investment. 

NFT owners can use them as collateral to secure loans. 

Holding ELDG, the platform’s native token, comes with benefits such as trading fee discounts and access to the Rewards Club, where members can earn free stays in the platform’s vacation properties.

Now, Everlodge is in the eighth stage of its presale, with ELDG trading at $0.027. During the presale, there are no taxes on token purchases. 

ELDG is up 170%, but experts say the token can rise by 280% before the presale concludes.

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