Investors of PanCakeSwap (CAKE) and Theta Network (THETA) Switching Focus To Sparklo (SPRK)

Investors of PanCakeSwap (CAKE) and Theta Network (THETA) Switching Focus To Sparklo (SPRK)

With the year ending in about three weeks, investors hope to get coins to help them recover. But, in an industry where things can change quickly, veteran investors must be careful in choosing their coin of interest. This has led all eyes in the cryptocurrency sector to focus on Sparklo, a new alternative investment that has drawn investors from PanCakeSwap (CAKE) and Theta Network (THETA).

Sparklo (SPRK) Is Expected To Be A Future Blue-Chip Cryptocurrency 

Sparklo has been the talk of the town due to its unique value proposition. It aims to be the first alternative investment platform to let investors and crypto enthusiasts invest in real-world assets like gold, silver, and platinum. With Sparklo’s platform, investors can buy gold, silver, and platinum assets represented by NFTs. 

A complete NFT purchase would result in the asset being delivered to your desired location. Market analysts believe that Sparklo is a promising investment opportunity for the coming year, and with its current price of only $0.008 plus a 30% bonus on the 26th and 27th of December, this is a deal that investors shouldn’t miss. 

Security-wise, Sparklo has been audited by Interfi Network, and its liquidity will be locked for 100 years. This is a welcome development for investors as it shows the developers’ commitment to safety. An early investment in a project like Sparklo is the best method to get substantial gains. You can get in on Sparklo’s presale by following the links below. 


PanCakeSwap (CAKE) Is Showing Moderate Improvement After A Recent Burn    

PanCakeSwap (CAKE) announced that it successfully burned 6.95 million tokens in its latest burning round. These tokens had an equivalent price of $28 million. Data from CoinMarketCap shows that the coins burned amount to 4.4% of the PanCakeSwap (CAKE) circulating supply. PanCakeSwap’s (CAKE) total supply is about half its max supply, which means extensive token burning.

Also, PanCakeSwap (CAKE) has a total value locked (TVL) that stands at $2.85 billion, excluding an additional billion which is said to be locked in staking. This means that PanCakeSwap (CAKE) has about five times more blockchain than it is currently worth. 

Theta Network (THETA) Downtrend Continues 

At its peak, Theta Network (THETA) token cost $15.17, and this was on April 16, 2021. But since then, Theta Network (THETA) token has lost 94.5% of its total value. Analysts aren’t sure if the price of Theta Network (THETA) will rise in the coming months as there are no strong fundamentals to back this.


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