Is it Too Late to Buy XRP? Traders Believe QUBE and SUI Will Make Crypto Millionaires

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If you are looking to become a millionaire with your crypto portfolio, it might be the right time to up your game and make a few changes. While there is a lot of buzz about the recent growth of Ripple, there is a large section of crypto traders who believe that the InQubeta (QUBE) and SUI are the best altcoins to buy now. While both Ripple and Sui have proved their mettle in the past, InQubeta is a surprise entry as the decentralized platform was rolled out just a few months ago.

Powered by Ethereum, InQubeta bridges the gap between startups working in artificial intelligence and potential investors through blockchain technology. By providing AI startups with a wide array of opportunities, the platform enables them to bring their ideas to life. Another reason why analysts are calling InQubeta a good crypto to buy now is because of its presale growth. Even though the presale process is in its fourth stage, the project has raised more than $3 million in funding. 

InQubeta: The best crypto investment  to buy in 2023

InQubeta is a one-of-a-kind platform where AI startups can unlock new avenues of growth for themselves by scoring funding opportunities. The platform also enables investors to access promising projects that use the latest technologies and stay ahead of the competition. 

The platform has developed a native cryptocurrency called the QUBE token which is modeled on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and is the primary cryptocurrency of the network. Any rewards to be distributed to community members are in terms of the QUBE token and it can be bought on presale.

The QUBE token has a deflationary model where the cryptocurrency’s supply is regulated to tamp down price fluctuations. This is made possible by always keeping the supply less than the market demand. A scarce supply will control fluctuating prices and keep the token value stable.

To get in touch with investors on InQubeta, startups have to come up with offers for investors in exchange for the funding they bring in. These offers are tokenized and minted into NFTs and then uploaded on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. If an investor agrees to the conditions laid down by a startup, they can pay for the NFT using their QUBE tokens. These NFTs can also be fractionalised, so investors can either buy the entire asset or a small part of it.

SBI Remit to use Ripple for remittances in 3 new countries

Ripple is among the top crypto coins of 2023 as it helps businesses grow and scale globally with its enterprise-grade solutions. With these blockchain-powered solutions, businesses can look forward to cutting down capital requirements, targeting new audience groups, discovering new sources of revenue, and scaling to growth. The platform’s native cryptocurrency is the XRP token, which is used for all transactional purposes on the network. 

In a recent development, the State Bank of India’s Asian fintech arm SBI Remit announced that it will be using Ripple tokens to extend its remittance services in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The fintech company has been using Ripple for international money transfers since 2017. The XRP token could rise exponentially as mainstream adoption increases. Many analysts feel that investors should start accumulating Ripple tokens for long-term returns as it could be too late once the bull rally begins. 

Sui’s zkLogin feature to facilitate access to dApps 

Sui has been designed as a Layer 1 blockchain and smart contracts platform, making digital asset ownership more private, secure, and accessible. Its native token SUI is the official medium of exchange for the network. The key USP of the platform is its object-centric model that sports features like parallel execution and sub-second finality for hyper-efficient operations.

The platform was recently in the news after the Sui Foundation announced that its community members could now access dApps with their Facebook, Twitch, and Google credentials using its zkLogin feature. Users will be able to log in through their social media accounts. 

According to many experts, SUI should be on your watchlist if you are looking for huge gains to become a crypto millionaire. 


While both Sui and Ripple have their share of strengths and could provide millionaire-sized gains, InQubeta has the potential to fetch long-term returns as per many analysts. What works in InQubeta’s favor is its unique model where investors can boost a startup’s growth trajectory and create a steady source of funds to secure their future through well-planned investments. 

Additionally, features like a robust security framework and a deflationary token ensure that crypto users’ assets and privacy are safe. If you are eyeing a million-dollar crypto portfolio in 2023, InQubeta could help you achieve the dream. 

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