Key Reason Why Bitcoin (BTC) Price Is Under Pressure
Key Reason Why Bitcoin (BTC) Price Is Under Pressure

The Bitcoin price has experienced a downward pressure, trading at $41,183 at press time. This decline marks a second consecutive day of losses for the world’s premier digital currency. 


However, the flagship cryptocurrency continues to hold the make-it-or-break-it $40,000 level despite persistent selling activity from miners.   

Data analyzed from recent Bitcoin miner activity indicates a persistent selling trend, with the net position change of miners demonstrating a notable increase in sell volumes. 

This trend, which is highlighted by a series of red bars in the latest Glassnode chart, shows that miners are divesting their Bitcoin holdings at an accelerated rate. 

The reasons for this surge in sales may range from operational cost coverage to a strategic response to market conditions or expectations of future price movements. 

Such miner behavior is closely monitored by investors as it can significantly influence Bitcoin’s market liquidity and price stability.

For now, financial markets remain on a knife-edge as investors weigh the potential impact of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s rate decision.

There might be a lift in investor sentiment if the Fed signals a continuation of its current monetary policy stance.

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