KuCoin and DeMR establish a strategic partnership

KuCoin and DeMR establish a strategic partnership

KuCoin recently announced a strategic investment and partnership with DeMR. The announcement was made on Kucoin’s official X/Twitter account.

The tweet read that the parties will build the world’s biggest scan-to-earn spatial internet infrastructure. DeMR, the leading decentralized MR infrastructure, will play a crucial role in the partnership.

Developed on Solana, DeMR is currently leading users into the MR world across the globe. The platform also tweeted about its latest strategic partnership with KuCoin on X/Twitter.

To celebrate this partnership, DeMR is launching its first official whitelist community program. Every whitelisted member can earn the right to mint their first Compass NFT on priority.

The limit of the event was set to 300 and was announced to be closed as soon as the limit was reached. It only took DeMR half an hour to reach the proposed limit.

On the other hand, the KuCoin exchange has also been working its way through the industry with new collaborations. The platform recently joined hands with Zoopia, a platform dedicated to BTC staking. 

The partnership is designed to refine the way crypto enthusiasts interact with BRC tokens. Zoopia aims to develop an ecosystem where users can leverage BRC20 tokens via staking and auto-compunding.

That is not all, as KuCoin also joined hands with Biis, a BRC20 tool aggregator, to boost the BTC ecosystem. The partnership is also set to change the way customers interact with BRC tokens. With the collaboration, Biis has integrated the Ordinals protocol for improved convenience and safety.

Given the prominence of KuCoin’s market presence, these collaborations have benefited both parties. Similarly, DeMR is also set to gain massive benefits from the partnership.

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