Modest investors turned into millionaires via Solana rally

Modest investors turned into millionaires via Solana rally

Solana’s over 87% surge in December has made several millionaires in the past weeks, some on less than a $100 investment. 

Analysis from Lookonchain reveals several extraordinary cases of significant financial gains from modest investments in Solana-based tokens. A trader began with a mere $92 worth of Solana (SOL) and astonishingly turned this into approximately $1.55 million in 16 days. By investing 0.7 SOL in 20.5 million SILLY tokens, the trader capitalized on a drastic price increase and retained 15 million SILLY tokens — valued at $1.35 million — spread across two wallets.

Another trader turned $242 into $250,000 in less than a day — 1000 times the initial investment. This was achieved by purchasing 38.5 million MELON tokens with 3 SOL and selling part of them for 1,562 SOL.

A trader transformed $900 into $3.47 million in an equally impressive feat by trading ANALOS tokens on Solana, marking a gain of over 3800 times the initial investment. This trader invested 12 SOL ANALOS tokens and retained a 1.43 million USDC profit. 

In the latest success this week, another trader made over $5.7 million in just six days from an initial investment of $2,220. This remarkable gain, over 2570 times the initial investment, was realized by purchasing 16 billion ANALOS tokens shortly after they started trading.

These cases show that several savvy traders have capitalized on the Solana rally this month. As the current bull market continues, such fortunes will likely continue to be made. 

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