MoonDAO and Chainlink VRF to Deliver Fair Zero-G Experience, Sparklo Presale Progresses

MoonDAO and Chainlink VRF to Deliver Fair Zero-G Experience, Sparklo Presale Progresses

In an unprecedented move, Chainlink is fuelling lunar dreams with its latest project, MoonDAO. The platform is set to launch a fair Zero-G flight experience, courtesy of Chainlink (LINK) Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This audacious undertaking coincides with the presale of Sparklo (SPRK), a unique platform for investing in precious metals through NFTs. The unfolding developments highlight the broad spectrum of innovation and opportunity within the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Steady Advances in Sparklo (SPRK) Presale Unveiled

Sparklo emerges as an innovative, unprecedented platform aiming to transform the way investors approach precious metals online. With Sparklo, investors can own fractions of an NFT, underpinned by the physical asset itself, or, alternatively, buy the complete NFT and claim the physical delivery of the very precious metal.

Currently in its second presale stage, Sparklo, priced at a modest $0.026, presents itself as a promising investment avenue. Top-tier crypto analysts forecast the price to skyrocket by over 1,500% by the end of 2023, marking a significant return for investors.

The platform’s smart contract has received a full safety seal from the Interfi network following a thorough audit. As an added layer of security, the team has pledged to lock the liquidity for an impressive 100 years, effectively eradicating any possibility of a rugpull. A significant amount of research has led us to regard Sparklo as one of the standout investments in 2023. Tokens are available for purchase via the provided links.

Chainlink (LINK) Powers MoonDAO’s Journey: Zero-G Flight Experience Launch Leveraging Chainlink VRF

MoonDAO, an organization devoted to facilitating humanity’s venture into space, has recently integrated Chainlink (LINK) Verifiable Random Function (VRF) into its Ethereum mainnet. Chainlink (LINK) integration aims to ensure a fair and transparent selection process for its latest initiative – a Zero-G flight experience, a rare opportunity to experience weightlessness akin to floating in space. The integration marks the second occasion that MoonDAO has utilized Chainlink (LINK) VRF, an attestation to its trust in the provably fair random selection mechanism offered by Chainlink (LINK).

The exciting Zero-G experience is not the first space adventure orchestrated by MoonDAO in partnership with ‘Space for a Better World.’ In this venture, participants stand a chance to join astronauts Doug Hurley and Nicole Stott in a zero-gravity flight, a thrilling occasion where the lucky winner can truly experience the sensation of space travel. Chainlink (LINK) VRF, with its robust random number generation coupled with a tamper-proof cryptographic proof system, ensures the fairness and transparency of the selection process. Consequently, every entrant has an equal opportunity to win this life-altering adventure.

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