Near Protocol (NEAR) Price Poised For 30x Rally in Coming Bull Run

Near Protocol (NEAR) Price Poised For 30x Rally in Coming Bull Run

In a recent analysis, Cheeky Crypto reported that Near Protocol (NEAR) has experienced impressive growth, surging over 200% in the past few weeks. The cryptocurrency has been showing significant gains, prompting the analyst to discuss the reasons behind NEAR’s performance and its potential future trajectory.

Cheeky Crypto pointed out the importance of considering Near Protocol for inclusion in investment portfolios. While saying investors might want to exercise caution in the short term, the analyst suggests that the coming weeks and months could present an opportune time to explore NEAR.

During the bearish market, Near Protocol faced volatility and debates about its bottoming out in 2022. However, the cryptocurrency found strong support around the $1 mark, serving as an excellent accumulation opportunity for investors. Since its low point, NEAR has demonstrated substantial growth.

Looking at the technical aspects, Cheeky Crypto notes that Near Protocol, as a layer-one solution, is well-positioned for significant growth in the next bullish market. Despite its recent surge, the analyst anticipates a correction, presenting a potential entry point for investors.

He suggests that another opportunity for accumulation might arise as NEAR corrects to around $1.50 to $1.70. The analyst sees this as a strategic entry point before a potential surge to the upside. While predicting substantial gains for Near Protocol, ranging from 3,000% to 9,000%, Cheeky Crypto emphasizes the importance of understanding NEAR’s fundamentals and technical aspects.

Regarding potential price targets, the analysis suggests that a 3,000% gain could push NEAR to approximately $38, while a more ambitious 9,000% gain could see the cryptocurrency reaching around $90. However, the analyst highlights the need for favorable market conditions for such scenarios to unfold and advises that these gains might take time.

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