NEAR rallies as GFOX presale continues to draw investors

NEAR rallies as GFOX presale continues to draw investors

Near Protocol coin (NEAR) is firm. In the last week, trading volume rose 53%, and its price nearly doubled. Over the past month, the coin is up by about 85% – registering new 2023 highs. This growth is due to more developers and partnerships.

Meanwhile, a new project, Galaxy Fox (GFOX), is also rallying, adding 130% in the ongoing presale. 

Galaxy Fox presale status

Galaxy Fox has raised over $1.5 million in the ongoing presale.

The project’s ecosystem comprises staking, token burns, a runner game, NFTs, merchandise, and more. This gaming-centered ecosystem is driving investor interest in the presale in progress.

The game rewards top players each season. 

Staking via “Stargate” also distributes rewards. 

Token burns and taxes fund staking, causing deflation and scarcity.

With a sub-$2 million market cap currently, analysts expect GFOX to rally in the future.

Its tiered presale model raises the price for each new stage. 

So far, GFOX has increased 130% with five stages left. 

NEAR price analysis

NEAR is up by over 150% this year, reaching $3.30 and driving its market cap to $3.3 billion.

Meanwhile, daily transactions are up 170% and daily active users rose 975%. An uptick in onchain activity shows more people are using and trusting its network.

Even so, some investors are picking GFOX over NEAR. Unlike NEAR Protocol‘s focus on blockchain infrastructure, Galaxy Fox combines gaming with crypto finance.

Additionally, GFOX could see wider adoption and long-term expansion by appealing to regular crypto investors and gaming fans. 

Final remarks

In crypto, timing is crucial. NEAR is rallying, and GFOX may follow suit.

The GFOX presale is ongoing and may offer returns to investors who consider the project. 

Learn more about GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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