Nike .SWOOSH Web3 Studio Kicks Off with Polygon NFTs
Nike .SWOOSH Web3 Studio Kicks Off with Polygon NFTs

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Vladislav Sopov

Nike’s most eccentric virtual apparel experiment finally goes live on Polygon (MATIC) on January 25, 2023


After months of testing, .SWOOSH platform is finally ready to onboard a new generation of digital creators. Its inaugural collection is inspired by Nike’s legendary Air Force 1 sneaker collection.

.SWOOSH, Nike’s flagship Web3 venture, kicks off on Jan. 25

According to the statement shared by Jasmine Gao, Nike’s senior product manager, .SWOOSH, a community-driven platform for Web3 digital art, goes live this Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023.

The platform was in development and beta testing since mid-November 2022. Its community enthusiasts decided that AF1-inspired sneakers will be the first pieces of digital art to be released in .SWOOSH.

An opportunity to co-create virtual shoes or jerseys together with leading Nike designers is a “killing feature” of the new ecosystem. All offerings will be available as “interactive digital objects.”

Polygon Network (MATIC), a high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain, is the technical platform of the new release. Polygon (MATIC) co-founder Mihailo Bjelic welcomed the launch of the new collection.

Polygon Network (MATIC) dominates NFT landscape

In 2022, Polygon Network (MATIC) esablished itself as the most influential L1 for NFT products. In October 2022, the release of Reddit tokens made its trading volume rocket by over 1,100%.

In Q1, 2022, Polygon Network (MATIC) scored partnerships with leading luxury brands Dolce & Gabbana and Bulgari. In November-December 2022, Solana’s (SOL) top NFT collections migrated to Polygon Network (MATIC).

DeGods and y00ts were the most trending of them. Both decided to replace Solana (SOL) with Polygon Network (MATIC) due to its technical and marketing supremacy.

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Written by: Vladislav Sopov


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