Ripple CTO addresses ‘Bitcoin Ponzi’ claim; positive trends for Injective and InQubeta

Ripple CTO addresses ‘Bitcoin Ponzi’ claim; positive trends for Injective and InQubeta

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Cryptocurrency, a unique financial innovation, has proven it’s more than just a passing phase, consistently proving skeptics wrong. Inspired by the success of projects like Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP, investors actively seek opportunities in the current market to capitalize on this trend.

Projects like Injective Protocol (INJ) and InQubeta (QUBE) are riding on Bitcoin’s success, incorporating new features and advanced technology into their protocols. 

This strategy aims to attract investors, enhance features and security, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Ripple CTO addresses the “Bitcoin Ponzi’ claim

In a recent post, comedian Owen Benjamin labeled Bitcoin as a “decentralized Ponzi scheme,” sparking a debate about the cryptocurrency’s true nature. 

Benjamin argued that Bitcoin’s decentralized structure allows media outlets to manipulate its value for profit.

In response, Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, shared his perspective. He noted that consumers, anticipating a decline in USD, might be spending more now. 

Schwartz suggested that people’s understanding of a currency’s future impacts their behavior, prompting spending as investors seek to use it before its value diminishes.

Positive trends for Injective and InQubeta

In the last 30 days, INJ has surged by 126%. 

With the market showing signs of increased bullish activity, investors are looking for new opportunities in NFTs and defi companies to grow their capital.

Another player in the scene is InQubeta. It aims to transform crypto crowdfunding by offering a unique platform for fractional investments in AI startups using its deflationary ERC-20 token, QUBE.

InQubeta allows people to invest within their budget and be early backers simultaneously. 

Its NFT marketplace provides AI startups with an easy way to raise funds through NFTs. 

This system aims to create a win-win scenario where QUBE holders can invest in projects they believe in, and the projects benefit from the investment.

Investors can explore InQubeta in their portfolios. 

Utilizing blockchain and smart contracts, InQubeta seeks to establish a secure and efficient investment process.


As the market recovers, investors are eager to capitalize on gains by identifying industry trends. As it is, Bitcoin and XRP lead the market while emerging projects like Injective and InQubeta are gaining attention. 

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