Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Price to Soon Hit $1.3 Level – Says Crypto Veteran

Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Price to Soon Hit .3 Level – Says Crypto Veteran

The cryptocurrency world is at a crossroads because Davinci Jeremie is suddenly thinking about switching from Bitcoin, which he has supported for over a decade, to Ripple’s XRP, which is often controversial but exciting. This considerable change, hinted at by someone with strong ties to the Bitcoin community, has shocked and interested people all over the crypto community. 

Recently, Whale Alert detected three large transactions totaling almost 70 million XRP tokens. These transfers to crypto exchanges suggest strategic moves by XRP ecosystem parties. However, Whale activity and price swings have shifted XRP’s market position. It lost its 5th-largest market cap to Solana. Despite this, analysts have high hopes for XRP. 

In his latest YouTube video, Jeremie has made an unexpected stance based on his views on the technical aspects of XRP, which point to a coming price increase made possible by alleged manipulation. His latest comments and actions show that he may be moving away from Bitcoin and likes the idea of Ripple’s XRP going through the roof.

Deciphering the XRP Price Pattern

Jeremie’s thesis is rooted in meticulous technical analysis, identifying upward trajectories on XRP charts and indicators pointing towards an impending manipulative pump. His outlook envisions a striking surge for XRP, pegging a target of $1.33, with swift ascendancy to the milestone.

Expressing skepticism about market dynamics behind XRP’s abrupt movements, Jeremie humorously highlighted the uniqueness of XRP charts, juxtaposed against Bitcoin’s comparative stability on shorter timeframes. He wryly referenced potential orchestrated pumps, conjuring a tongue-in-cheek scenario involving a call to the Federal Reserve for assistance.

Industry Insight

Jeremie’s unexpected pivot to XRP echoes a burgeoning trend among Bitcoin stalwarts, notably emphasizing XRP’s potential. Notably, his viewpoint finds resonance among other renowned Bitcoin analysts, hinting at technical analyses suggesting a critical opportunity moment for XRP, leading to multiple long positions being opened.

The evolving sentiment toward XRP within the Bitcoin community may signal an intriguing shift, stirring anticipation and debate within the crypto sphere as traditional stalwarts explore alternate avenues within the volatile market landscape.

What’s Next for XRP Price?

Currently, XRP is trading at $0.62, grappling with breaching the $0.65 mark amid a market leaning towards fear, according to the Fear and Greed index. Over the past week, XRP experienced a slight 2% dip, encountering resistance at $0.67 and finding consistent support around $0.55, indicating a relatively steady market with limited bearish momentum shifts.

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