Ripple Price: XRP Price Poised For 8 to 10x Rally Soon

Ripple Price: XRP Price Poised For 8 to 10x Rally Soon

XRP Price has been a major player in crypto for over a decade, consistently in the top rankings. Ripple’s legal tussle with the SEC has affected XRP’s price. Despite recent legal wins for Ripple, XRP’s December price saw minimal change, rising just 2% from $0.61 to $0.63. The legal uncertainty seems to have restrained XRP’s growth during this period.

Investors are worried that XRP has not crossed its much-anticipated level of $1, yet how can it go for a 600% surge within months? So, if that makes you think XRP is over, wait, here’s the analyst boosting historical trend that was never highlighted before. 

Analyzing XRP Price Lags and Rise in Historical Patterns

The recent analysis by market expert JD has sparked discussion around a potentially overlooked trend in the XRP market, reminiscent of patterns seen in the 2017 cycle. Notably, while most cryptocurrencies were on an upward trajectory from October 2015, XRP showed pace during this period. That means once the bull run picks up momentum, almost every token will move, but historically, XRP tends to pump much later than others.

JD highlighted the historical similarity between the 2017 cycle and the current XRP market behavior. In the past, XRP initially lagged behind other assets, prompting some investors to switch to higher-performing options, missing out on XRP’s eventual massive surge.

In the present scenario, the surge in the overall market from October hasn’t reflected a similar pace in XRP’s growth compared to prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Solana. This has sparked frustration among some XRP investors, drawing parallels to sentiments observed during the 2017 cycle when XRP’s underperformance led to a decline in market dominance.

Crypto In Split

There’s a divided opinion regarding the potential for XRP to mirror the 600x surge witnessed in 2017. While skepticism exists about replicating such extraordinary growth, JD suggests that technical indicators hint at a possible 8 to 10x increase in XRP’s value. This projection indicates a significant rise from its current value of $0.6210 to potentially reaching $6.21 when the anticipated rally unfolds.

While addressing his follower’s query to buy XRP at this time, he calmly said; I’m buying more during the fear brotha.. loaded up at 0.28.. 0.33, 0.45.. and 0.59 during fear… Patience is key”

XRP Price Breakout Possible, If? 

Overall, XRP’s potential price movement, which has formed a symmetrical triangle pattern since July, signals an uncertain outlook. The RSI indicator at 50 reflects an undetermined trend, contingent on XRP breaking above the pattern or falling below the $0.58 support level. A significant XRP whale recently accumulated 360 million XRP. A breakout above the triangle could lead to a 30% surge toward $0.82, while dropping below $0.58 might result in XRP falling to $0.55.

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