Scammer steals $91k in fake Sleepless AI, FomoFi, NebulaNode tokens

Scammer steals k in fake Sleepless AI, FomoFi, NebulaNode tokens

In anticipation of the launch of Sleepless AI farming on the Launchpool platform from Binance, unknown people conducted a rug pull of the token of the same name.

As PeckShield analysts reported, one of the addresses exchanged 1 billion fake AI for $91,000 in ETH. As a result, the token’s price fell by 97.5%. A similar rug pull scheme was carried out with the fake FomoFi token.

The attacker’s address exchanged over 5.3 trillion FOMO for 189,600 BSC-USD, after which the coin price dropped to zero. Another incident devalued the NebulaNode token after exchanging numerous NNNN tokens for 1033.8 BNB, the equivalent of $335,900.

Farming of the original Sleepless AI project on Launchpool started on Dec. 28; the project became the 42nd in Launchpool. It presents a web3 gaming platform using AI. Currently, users can stake BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD in pools to farm AI tokens in a campaign set to last seven days.

Security experts Certik reported a rug pull involving fake Linea tokens earlier in October. As a result of the fraud, unknown people stole about $743,000. Victims have stated that the scam was potentially conducted by a Russian user named ‘AltLex,’ promoting the token on social media.

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