Scammers stole $880k via fake Discord server for Across Protocol

Scammers stole 0k via fake Discord server for Across Protocol

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT warned in a Telegram channel that Across Protocol’s documentation was linked to a fake Discord server.

In a Telegram post on Dec. 26, crypto sleuth ZachXBT raised concerns about a potential security breach related to Across Protocol’s documentation.

The warning highlighted a link within the protocol’s documentation leading users to a fake Discord server, suggesting the protocol’s vanity invite address might have been compromised. The incident reportedly led to a loss of $880,000 worth of crypto tied to one unknown blockchain entity.

A blockchain forensic firm, Scam Sniffer, disclosed in an X post that a victim suffered an $880,000 loss in aEthWBTC after interacting with a malicious ERC-20 permit message. Although the post doesn’t explicitly mention Across Protocol, ZachXBT attributes the incident to a flaw in the protocol’s documentation.

In response to the incident, the Across Protocol team acknowledged the existence of a fraudulent Discord server impersonating an official one. While the developers did not disclose the extent of losses related to the incident, they assured the community that efforts are underway to dismantle the unofficial server.

Across functions as a cross-chain bridge designed for layer-2 solutions and rollups, utilizing UMA’s optimistic oracle for security. The platform prioritizes capital efficiency through a unified liquidity pool, a network of relayers, and the implementation of a fee model with no slippage. As per Crunchbase data, the protocol raised a total of $10 million from Blockchain Capital and two other investors.

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