Shiba Inu’s Shytoshi Kusama among 50 most influential people in 2023, Meme Moguls farming program gains traction 

Shiba Inu’s Shytoshi Kusama among 50 most influential people in 2023, Meme Moguls farming program gains traction 

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CoinDesk has listed Shytoshi Kusama as one of the top 50 influential figures in crypto this year. The platform cited its contributions to transforming the network. Meanwhile, Meme Moguls is working on a farming project, allowing individuals to earn free tokens for their service. 

Shiba Inu rises as lead developer is celebrated 

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, has gained more recognition in the crypto space. He secured a place on the prestigious “50 Most Influential People” list presented annually by CoinDesk

Alongside Kusama, the list also features other figures, including Brad Garlinghouse and Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino. CoinDesk’s acknowledgment of Kusama stems from his role in transforming Shiba Inu, shifting it from a speculative token to a decentralized finance (defi) sector player.

The media outlet also recognized other noteworthy Shiba Inu projects introduced throughout the year, such as ShibaCals and The Shib Magazine.

Kusama expressed gratitude for the award as he dedicated it to the entire Shiba Inu community. 

In other news, SHIB rose by 21.5% from a low of $0.00000829 to a 7-day high of $0.00001032. At the same time, SHIB rose 22.9% in the last month.

Meme Moguls introduces earning opportunities 

Meme Moguls is a gaming platform that combines fun and education about investing and building wealth. 

It also offers a farming program for new and old users. Here, users are rewarded for actively participating. The more you contribute, the more you can earn.

Another feature is the simulated investing function, where users explore investment opportunities in virtual stock market trading games. 

Each player starts with $100,000 in virtual cash to build their investment portfolio in this game. 

Like in real investing, players can diversify and limit a single investment to 20% of their virtual cash portfolio. This teaches users more about investing and making profits. 

Players can contribute to the Meme Moguls staking pool to increase their holdings. Staking makes players eligible for rewards based on their pool share and the annual return percentage. 

Currently, MGLS is available for $0.0021 in the ongoing presale. 

For stability, the liquidity pool and the team’s tokens will be locked for 5 and 2 years, respectively, preventing immediate sell-offs after the launch. 


In addition to Shiba Inu, altcoin traders are exploring Meme Moguls. The project offers users various benefits and earning opportunities. Meme Moguls will give the most active X user a giveaway of $10,000 at the end of each presale stage.

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