Solana Displaying Weakness: MATIC Bulls Not Confident of Continued Upswing—What’s Next?

Solana Displaying Weakness: MATIC Bulls Not Confident of Continued Upswing—What’s Next?

The crypto markets have gained massive attention in recent times as the prices of popular tokens have soared heavily. While the Bitcoin price continues to trade sideways, other altcoins have managed to rise notably. Besides, BTC dominance continues to drop, which suggests the altcoins could continue to maintain a healthy upswing ahead. However, the current market trend suggests the crypto market is letting out huge warnings, as listed below.

Different Memecoins are Gaining Attention 

Memecoins have been an interesting part of the crypto markets as they have displayed extreme volatility in a very short time frame. While the top memecoins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have chosen to trade with minimal attention, newly launched tokens like BONK displayed a monstrous rally, surpassing PEPE. 

Therefore, it suggests the market participants have now become less patient in earning profits as they foresee massive gains in these tokens. Moreover, they tend to post ‘insane memecoin PNLs’ suggesting the newbies or the beginners are looking for quick gains more than sustained gains. 

Top Performer Solana Displays Weakness

With a more than 1000% jump from the lows of around $9.97, the Solana price managed to mark new yearly highs above $126. This upswing attracted huge liquidity, with the market cap rising from below $300 million to over $50 billion. However, the price is facing significant bearish actions after marking the highs, which is a big matter of concern at the moment.

After recording consecutive bullish candles for nearly 6 days, the SOL price faced notable upward pressure, marking the lows close to $100. Although the price defended the support, the bulls are failing to rise above the pivotal resistance at $115. Therefore, the Solana bulls, who are displaying weakness at the moment, are flashing huge warnings for the markets.

Strongest Player, Polygon Not Showing Continued Strength

Polygon has forecasted itself as one of the strongest players since the start of the 2021 bull run. Although the bear squeezed more than 85% of its gains, it rebounded strongly and recovered more than 60% of its losses within a couple of months. The MATIC price has been trying hard to rise above $1 multiple times but has failed to do so.

The MATIC price has soared again above $1 with the recent price action after carrying out a parabolic recovery. Despite the volume remaining under bullish influence, it continues to drop significantly. This weakness could point towards the bull’s inability to maintain a continued upswing, which may eventually mark the upswing as a fakeout.

Therefore, the yearly close can be considered extremely crucial, as a bullish close may eventually squash the bearish narrative. But if the markets remain consolidated until the yearly close, a diverse trend may be expected in the coming days. 

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