Swiss City Lugano to accept Bitcoin for tax payments; spotlight on BorroeFinance presale

Swiss City Lugano to accept Bitcoin for tax payments; spotlight on BorroeFinance presale

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In a move that signals a major shift towards cryptocurrency adoption, Lugano, a picturesque Swiss city, has announced it will start accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for tax payments. This decision puts Lugano in the spotlight, showcasing the city’s forward-thinking approach to financial technology. Meanwhile, BorroeFinance (ROE) is drawing investor attention and is being explored as one of the top cryptos investors can examine.

Lugano: paving the way for crypto in municipal finance

Imagine paying your taxes with Bitcoin. Well, for the residents of Lugano, this is set to become a reality. The city recently announced a partnership with Tether (USDT) to revitalize its financial system using Bitcoin. This step makes Lugano one of the first cities in the world to integrate crypto into its municipal finance system.

So, what does this mean for the average Lugano resident? It’s simple. Instead of traditional bank transfers or post-office payments, people can now use Bitcoin or Tether to settle their municipal bills. The process is user-friendly, too – scan the invoice QR code and pay using your favorite mobile wallet. This integration is not just a nod to modernity; it’s a leap into the future of urban financial management.

Why Lugano’s move is a game-changer

Lugano’s decision is more than just a new payment option; it’s a testament to the growing acceptance and trust in cryptocurrencies. Lugano sets a precedent for other cities and countries by embracing Bitcoin and Tether. It’s a bold statement that cryptocurrencies are not just speculative assets but practical tools for everyday transactions.

BorroeFinance: the new kid on the ‘blockchain’ block?

While Lugano is making waves in municipal finance, BorroeFinance is proving to be a stir in the altcoin market. This new entrant to the crypto scene is gaining traction with its ongoing presale, already raising over $1.8 million. BorroeFinance combines AI and blockchain technology, targeting decentralized finance (defi) and non-fungible token (NFT) sectors.

What’s driving BorroeFinance’s presale?

BorroeFinance aims to redefine financial solutions for the digital age. The presale success indicates that investors see immense potential in what BorroeFinance offers. Some investors even consider it a top crypto to explore and a platform that could reshape defi and NFT.

Here’s why investors are exploring BorroeFinance

BorroeFinance’s approach to using AI in blockchain can open up new possibilities in the crypto world. For those on the hunt for the top altcoins to buy, BorroeFinance can be examined.

The BorroeFinance presale has raised nearly $2 million.


Crypto is a sphere that can be explored for opportunities. Lugano’s integration of Bitcoin into its financial system is a significant step towards mainstream crypto adoption, while BorroeFinance’s presale could pave the way for new uses of blockchain technology.

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