Terra Classic Price Up 10%; 3 Other Altcoins That Could Pump Next

Terra Classic Price Up 10%; 3 Other Altcoins That Could Pump Next

Terra Classic (LUNC) has seen a 10% bump over the past 24 hours, outpacing Bitcoin (BTC) and most other established cryptos.

LUNC now has a market cap of over $1 billion again, though it still remains far below its all-time high.

This article will analyze LUNC’s recent price action and highlight three other altcoins that could be ready for their own rallies in the coming weeks.  

Terra Classic Price Jumps, Yet Token’s Future Remains Uncertain

At the time of writing, LUNC is hovering around the $0.000183 level after rebounding in the past 12 hours.

Before this rebound, the token had dipped as low as $0.000163 on Sunday evening, prompting concern that the bullish momentum had ended abruptly.

However, LUNC has formed a minor support level around $0.000168, rejecting it twice and using it as a base to push higher.


As such, optimistic investors believe Sunday’s drop was nothing more than a much-needed pullback before the next leg up.

Terra Classic isn’t out of the woods yet though, given that trading volumes have plummeted 64% since yesterday.

This suggests that buyers are losing some enthusiasm, and momentum may be beginning to slow down.

LUNC could be vulnerable to another drop if volumes continue drying up, potentially breaking nearby support and posting a new low.

Which Other Altcoins Could Also Be Primed for Gains?

While Terra Classic’s future still looks uncertain despite the 10% jump, other altcoins are also exhibiting potential for gains.

Listed below are three emerging coins investors may wish to monitor thanks to their strong fundamentals and community support.

Bitcoin ETF Token Unleashes the Power of Spot BTC ETF Speculation

First up is Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF), which stands out as an intriguing speculative play due to its unique setup.

BTCETF is an Ethereum-based token engineered to align with anticipated developments related to the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the US.

The project incorporates deflationary mechanisms to improve scarcity, with 25% of the total supply set to be burned through milestone events tied to ETF filings and approvals.

BTCETF also has a built-in staking protocol that currently offers yields of 76% per year.

bitcoin etf token

As an accessible way to speculate on the market impacts of a spot Bitcoin ETF, BTCETF has seen rapidly growing demand during its limited-time presale.

Over $3.6 million has been raised so far, with the token price increasing between each presale stage.

A strong community has also begun to form around Bitcoin ETF Token, with almost 4,200 people now following the project on Twitter.

Those interested in the presale can buy BTCETF tokens during the current stage for just $0.0066.

Meme Kombat Combines Gaming, Memes, & Staking on Ethereum

Another emerging altcoin that is grabbing investor attention is Meme Kombat (MK), which brings an innovative blend of P2E gaming, memes, and staking to the Ethereum blockchain.

The project centers around an AI-powered battle arena that hosts fights between popular meme coin mascots that users can bet on to earn prizes in MK – Meme Kombat’s native token.

Beyond gaming and wagering, Meme Kombat also incorporates a lucrative staking system with yields of 296% per year, allowing users to earn through multiple avenues.

meme kombat

Having kicked off its presale in late September, Meme Kombat has already raised over $2.8 million.

The impressive background of founder Matt Whiteman and endorsements from major crypto influencers have further boosted Meme Kombat’s credibility.

With plans to list on Uniswap this coming January, Meme Kombat is turning heads due to its exciting ambitions in the meme coin space.

Investors can buy MK tokens during the current stage of the presale for $0.235.

TG.Casino Seeks to Revolutionize Online Gambling with Telegram Integration

Finally, TG.Casino (TGC) is an emerging crypto project gaining ground for its innovative combination of online gambling, blockchain technology, and integration with the Telegram messenger app.

The platform operates as an anonymous crypto casino featuring a wide array of betting options, complete with a full gaming license from Gaming Curacao to ensure security and fairness.

TGC acts as TG.Casino’s native token and unlocks access to VIP rewards and cashback for gamblers while also incorporating deflationary tokenomics through a “Buyback-and-Burn” mechanism.

tg casino

Moreover, by building itself directly into Telegram, TG.Casino offers a smooth user experience with encryption-backed privacy.

Numerous crypto experts have already taken note of TG.Casino’s potential, with YouTuber Crypto Atlas speculating that it could become “the world’s #1 Telegram casino.”

Like the two projects discussed above, TG.Casino is also in its presale phase and has raised over $3.8 million in early funding.

Those looking to buy TGC tokens can do so through this presale for $0.185 per token during the current stage.

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