Tether, OKX, and DOJ Collaborate to Freeze $225 Million in USDT!

Tether, OKX, and DOJ Collaborate to Freeze 5 Million in USDT!

Tether and leading exchange OKX have teamed up with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to freeze over 225 million USDT tokens linked to an international human trafficking syndicate responsible for a global “pig butchering” romance scam. The freeze, facilitated by blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, is the largest-ever freeze of USDT in history. The action was initiated by the US Secret Service following a months-long investigation by Tether and OKX. The frozen wallets are on the secondary market and are not associated with Tether’s customers. Tether and OKX’s proactive measures demonstrate how industry players can collaborate with global law enforcement agencies to combat criminal activities in the crypto space.

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