This SHIB Metaverse Hub Presented in Unreal Engine 5.1, Community Delighted
This SHIB Metaverse Hub Presented in Unreal Engine 5.1, Community Delighted

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Yuri Molchan

SHIB team has revealed Metaverse Hub using Unreal Engine 5.1 during recent Holiday Fireside Chat


During the recent Holiday Fireside chat that took place on Dec. 8, there was little change of plans for the SHIB Metaverse team.

They were unable to present a new hub called Ryo Plaza, but instead let the audience view WAGMI Temple hub in a completely new manner – as close as you can get to seeing it in a running SHIB Metaverse. Judging by the comments under the tweet, the SHIB army got pretty exicited about.

WAGMI Temple showcased through Unreal Engine 5.1

In a recent tweet, the SHIB Metaverse team thanked the community for attending the Holiday Edition Fireside Chat online. They explained that they were unable to present the new Ryo Plaza hub for the metaverse.

However, instead, they posted screenshots of a hub that was already presented earlier this year in the form of concept artwork: WAGMI Temple.

In the tweet, it was demonstrated using images made on Unreal Engine 5.1, as it would look if one were seeing it within the metaverse.

Unreal Engine is an engine for 3D computer graphics games developed by Epic Games. Unreal Engine 5.1 is the most recent version of it that allows virtual worlds for computer games to look even more realistic and bright.

SHIB team gives away metaverse plot of land

Earlier this week, when announcing the upcoming Holiday Fireside Chat, the SHIB Metaverse Twitter handle teased a giveaway that would be conducted during the event.

One lucky winner is guaranteed a piece of virtual land in The Metaverse Silver Fur. Silver Fur is one of the four tiers in the metaverse that are divided into plots of land.

Tier 1 is called Diamond Teeth, with 2,024 pieces of virtual land in it. Tier 2 and 3 are Platinum Paw and Gold Tail, with 5,714 and 7,356 plots of land, respectively.

Silver Fur is the largest tier of all as it includes 17,030 plots of land.

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Written by: Yuri Molchan


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