Top 6 Profitable Proof-of-Stake Altcoins For High Returns! Here’s The Watch-List

Top 6 Profitable Proof-of-Stake Altcoins For High Returns! Here’s The Watch-List

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Coin Bureau’s host lays out his top selections for proof-of-stake (POS) crypto assets where individuals can earn rewards and passive revenue. Guy, a pseudonymous analyst, says in a new video that he has weighed each of the six coins on his list against five key criteria.

The lowest amount to stake, the lockup/unlock period, reducing risk when validators fail, annual interest is given, and the crypto asset’s potential to rise in price over time is among the criteria.


Guy lists the six altcoins in no particular order, starting with layer-1 smart contract platform Avalanche (AVAX). Due to its implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is roughly 5x faster than other EVM implementations, Avalanche has proven to be one of the top Ethereum alternatives, he said.


Cosmos, a scalable interoperability network, is next on Guy’s staking radar (ATOM). According to him, Cosmos employs Tendermint, a revolutionary proof-of-stake algorithm that enables its blockchain to process up to 10,000 transactions per second.

He further says that delegators who must lock up their ATOM for 21 days, Cosmos staking earnings are currently around 15% each year. There is no minimum stake, and the consequences for slicing are modest.


Guy’s third pick is Cardano, a scalable decentralized blockchain platform (ADA). Ouroboros, the company’s unique POS consensus system, can process hundreds of transactions per second (TPS).

Cardano’s staking incentives are now 5% per year, which is on the low end of the staking return range but comes with some really appealing trade-offs. For delegators, there is no minimum stake, no lockup or unlock time for any staked ADA, and no risk of cutting.


The Coin Bureau host then moves on to Fantom, a business-grade blockchain platform (FTM). The major reason he owns FTM is that Fantom employs some of the top cryptocurrency engineers.

Fantom is also one of the few cryptocurrency projects to have forged meaningful ties with governments and public institutions.


The host then goes on to claim that he favors Harmony (ONE) since it’s a competitor to Ethereum (ETH) that’s “faced severe competition from the likes of Avalanche, Fantom, and Ethereum itself.

Of all the cryptocurrencies on our list, Harmony has the most room for growth, he adds.

ONE’s price history isn’t as attractive as the price histories of other altcoins in the top 100, but it is still on a rather long-term rise.


Guy lists Algorand, an open-source, decentralized blockchain network, as the sixth and final top staking digital asset (ALGO). If you participate in Algorand’s governance process, your staking incentive can be boosted to about 10% each year. This percentage varies depending on a variety of factors, he said.

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Written by: Nidhi Kolhapur


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