Top Upcoming SHIB Product List Revealed by Shiba Inu Team
Top Upcoming SHIB Product List Revealed by Shiba Inu Team

Tue, 26/12/2023 – 13:25

Top Upcoming SHIB Product List Revealed by Shiba Inu Team
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SHIB’s social media marketing expert, who prefers to refer to herself as Lucie, has taken to the X/Twitter platform to urge the Shiba Inu community to demonstrate Shibarium’s commitment to the global community to spread the word about this layer-2 blockchain and to push SHIB into the top five list of chains.


Lucie also shared a list of upcoming Shiba Inu-based products, some of them have been much anticipated for a long time already.

Urging community to demonstrate commitment, sharing list of SHIB products

Lucie called on the SHIB community of users to add the #Shibarium hashtag to their posts on Twitter. Aside from spreading the word about Shibarium, Lucie said it will let crypto fans know that “these are just the first steps of SHIB newborn.”

This way, the SHIB army will position itself to persist and also get Shibarium into the top five blockchain list: “We will push forward not as individuals but as a community from all around the world.”

By Lucie’s estimate, the SHIB army comprises approximately four million people – not only owners of cryptocurrency wallets with SHIB but also those who hold SHIB coins on cryptocurrency exchanges, both centralized and decentralized ones.

Lucie also revealed the list of products the team of Shiba Inu developers plans to release eventually. It includes ShibaSwap 2.0, SHIB Metaverse and other projects. Lucie promised that all of these products will be interconnected as part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

2.2 trillion SHIB removed from Binance

Cryptocurrency tracker Whale Alert has announced that an unknown wallet address made a withdrawal from a Binance wallet.

The transaction contained a mind-blowing 2,283,700,000,000 Shiba Inu meme coins and was evaluated at $23,578,060. This sparked a heated discussion within the crypto community under the tweet, where users took guesses as to who the receiver of the coins may be and whether it will affect the current SHIB price.

In fact, this is the third massive SHIB transfer, counting trillions of coins, reported by Whale Alert this week – on Sunday and Monday, there were two other SHIB transfers, carrying 4.2 trillion SHIB each from one anonymous wallet to another. This seems an indicator of SHIB whales’ activity going up.

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