Trending Cryptos to Watch – Surprise 2024 Picks from Experts

Trending Cryptos to Watch – Surprise 2024 Picks from Experts

With the end of the year right around the corner, experts are scouring the markets for the next trending cryptos in 2024. Among the most promising projects poised to make waves, here are two surprising picks: Memeinator (MMTR), a blend of meme culture and GameFi-esque fun, and Kaspa (KAS), a new project that aims to dethrone Bitcoin. 

Read on to discover these digital gems and why experts are bullish on their performances in 2024.

Memeinator is a visionary crusader that draws inspiration from the iconic Terminator franchise. It is a futuristic savior that has traveled back from the year 2077 to cleanse the cryptosphere of derivative, weak meme coins poisoning the web: Dogecoin ripoffs, Pepe Coin copycats, etc. With a bold objective to reach a $1 billion market cap, Memeinator is not just a meme coin – it’s starting a revolution against mediocrity.

As Memeinator progresses through its presale stages, currently in stage 9, the opportunity is nothing short of golden. Priced at $0.0157, the token is an open invitation for early backers to be part of the all-out meme war where mayhem and technology collide, changing the fate of the internet. The presale has 20 stages, with a final price of $0.0292, so it’s a time-sensitive opportunity to invest in a token poised to reshape the meme coin landscape.

What does Memeinator offer?

Memeinator is more than just a meme coin; it’s an experience combining gaming and movie culture with technology and A.I. One piece of the groundbreaking ecosystem is the game, Meme Warfare, a virtual battleground where players step in the shoes of fighters tasked with the mission of eradicating subpar meme coins.

The game is powered by artificial intelligence, combining intense action to keep you on your toes with the quirky humour of meme culture. The AI, known as Memescanner, scours the Web for garbage meme coins and feeds the data into the game, becoming targets for players who are hell-bent on purifying the crypto landscape.

However, Memeinator is more than just another project in the burgeoning GameFi market. It 

will offer an NFT collection designed to reward investors at every level. The development team will be releasing more information about the NFTs in the near future.

What is MMTR and how does it work?

The Memeinator ecosystem is powered by the native MMTR token, which operates on a masterful tokenomic structure. In a bold move, the team has recently annihilated nearly 130 million tokens in a burning event to reduce total supply and drive up the token’s value.

Additionally, the team reduced the 29 presale stages to only 20 stages, and one stage worth of the tokens is to be allocated to an exciting staking pool with up to a staggering 45% APR.

Breaking down tokenomics further, 62.5% of the tokens will be distributed in the presale, and 15% will be allocated for CEX and marketing. This percentage has recently been fortified thanks to the recent token burn, providing more resources for Memeinator’s efforts to expand visibility.

Another 10% of tokens go to development and continuous improvements in the platform; however, the project is going viral thanks to the whopping 7.5% of tokens allocated to competition pools. The first one is already underway and is a striking $250,000 space trip with Virgin Galactic.

Kaspa: A Bitcoin competitor or just a flash in the pan?

The runner-up for trending cryptos in 2024 is also a relatively new entrant but has yet to make the list of 15 best crypto to invest in, as ranked in this article.

But, just like Memeinator, it’s drawing attention with its innovative approach. One of the most revolutionary aspects of Kaspa is its implementation of the world’s first blockDAG system. This is seen as an evolution from the current blockchain approach. In blockDAG, multiple blocks coexist and can be confirmed in parallel, which means instant transaction confirmations.

Currently, Kaspa operates at one block per second, but there are ambitions to increase this rate significantly, aiming for 32 blocks per second and even visions of reaching 100 blocks per second.

Kaspa price prediction

Kaspa has shown staggering growth in the past year, with an increase of 1,600% in price, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Adding to the momentum, KAS has recently been listed on two additional exchanges, Bitrue and To further broaden its utility and appeal, Kaspa has introduced new products and features, such as Kaspa Futures and Kaspium. 

With these features, Kaspa’s price prediction remains bullish. If it manages to prove itself worthy as a Bitcoin competitor, there is huge potential for further gains, making it one of the main trending cryptos in 2024.

Memeinator price prediction

The price prediction for Memeinator is steadily bullish, bolstered by several key factors shaping the crypto market. One of the most exciting aspects of Memeinator is its integration into the burgeoning GameFi sector, thanks to its Meme Warfare game.

The current market optimism and the bullish trend in the broader crypto market are also positive indicators for Memeinator. The rally is poised to continue in 2024 as the upcoming Bitcoin halving event adds to the excitement.

At the same time, with the 2024 election year, uncertainty could further swing investors in favor of alternative assets like cryptocurrencies as they look for hedges against volatility in traditional markets.

Considering these factors, experts believe Memeinator is on track for a long-term bull run, with expected 10x to 25x growth in 2024. Considering the pile of utility-free meme coins that went parabolic in spring 2023, this should be easy work for a utility-packed coin such as Memeinator. 

Memeinator: Revolutionizing crypto, one meme at a time

Among trending cryptos in 2024, Kaspa emerges as a promising growth pick, though it may still trail behind Bitcoin in aspects like PoS and DeFi, which are standard in the industry. 

In contrast, Memeinator is a veritable Terminator of the substandard meme coins that plague Web2 and Web3. It’s changing the game and rewriting the rules as it powers through the meme coin world and annihilates the weak and unworthy.

And with 86% in gains left to capitalize on before MMTR lists on exchanges, now is the time to jump aboard what’s looking like a star purchase for 2024.

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

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