TRON Sees Major Growth, But This Token Will Outperform It in 2024

TRON Sees Major Growth, But This Token Will Outperform It in 2024

Bitcoin is edging closer to $50k, and the total crypto market cap has reached $1.8 trillion. This means the optimism toward digital currencies is renewing, with TRON being one of the biggest gainers. However, many believe that $TRX and even the top 10 altcoins will be easily outperformed by Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a new ICO crypto, in terms of growth pace and rate. Let’s explore why Galaxy Fox could be your next big opportunity.

Galaxy Fox to Bring a 450% ROI

While the overall crypto market is doing relatively well, investors specifically keep an eye on $GFOX as one of the best altcoins to bring the biggest returns in the shortest time span. And the current performance speaks for itself – from an initial price of $0.00066, $GFOX has pumped to $0.00198, an increase of 200% through the first seven stages of its presale. 

Galaxy Fox has raised more than $3.3 million throughout this process, and the price of $GFOX will rise by an additional 10% to reach $0.002178 as it gets ready for its eighth stage. Yet, the appealing profitability seen in its presale is just the tip of the iceberg. This project has much more beneath the surface, making it a worthy competitor of the top 10 altcoins.

Galaxy Fox starts a new era of meme coins by giving real utility and value to the fun fox-mascot project. Galaxy Fox’s vibrant ecosystem includes an engaging P2E game, an NFT marketplace, standout NFT collections, and a merchandise store.

The whole ecosystem is designed to increase community interaction and engagement, which is achieved by multiple reward programs – staking, in-game competitions, giveaways, and NFT trading. To tackle the common issue of oversupply in meme coins, Galaxy Fox adopts an effective, deflationary tokenomics strategy and caps its supply at 5 billion, with a mechanism for token burning in place.

With 2.63 billion tokens already sold, investors are clearly rushing to $GFOX, especially considering three more scheduled price increases on the way.

agalxy fox

TRON Price Analysis

With a stellar 2023, TRON ($TRX) established its position as the dominant player in the Web3 era. The network’s subscriber address increase last year was more than 52%, bringing the total number of users to 204 million, and the entire value locked in at more than $8 billion. 

Google, BigQuery, and Huobi are among the major tech firms with which TRON collaborates. Establishing a $100 million AI Development Program is another major accomplishment, increasing investors’ trust in the project.

With more daily active addresses than Ethereum and Bitcoin, TRON has continued its spectacular ascent this year, which bodes well for its future. Despite minor dips, $TRX is generally on a bullish track, increasing by 15% over the past month. 

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Final Notes

Galaxy Fox is becoming a serious competitor of the top 10 altcoins in 2024. Early investors have so far witnessed 7 massive price rallies of $GFOX, and with 99% of the tokens for the current phase sold out, the opportunity to get involved before the next phase kicks off is becoming limited. So, acting now with $GFOX could be your ticket to the moon!

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